Author: Raimah Sterling | Staff Writer


Is the TikTok ban beneficial?

Social media platforms have become essential to our everyday lives in the digital era, bringing people together via creativity, entertainment and shared interests.TikTok specifically has become incredibly famous, attracting millions with its short-form videos featuring content from dancing challenges to makeup tutorials. With this trendy app being enjoyed by users […]


The struggles of living in the moment

In a world where technology is slowly taking over, living in the moment may be more complex than before, especially among young people. Many may find themselves continuously distracted and unable to completely engage with life today due to the constant flood of alerts, social media updates, and the pressure […]


Valentine’s Day is for the ladies

In addition to being a particular day for couples to express their love and gratitude to one another, Valentine’s Day is also a time when women honor their relationships with their female friends. This day provides an opportunity to express gratitude, share joy, and strengthen women’s unique connection with each […]


Students’ take on election season

Though there will soon be much excitement on Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s (FAMU)  campus as election season approaches, it is essential to acknowledge the silent majority; those students who decide not to run. FAMU Election season is a time for scholars campaigning to show what they can do for […]


Jarrod Gunn busy giving back

Food drives, organized by people coming together to turn kindness into hope and nourishment are a common way that communities worldwide celebrate the act of giving. Jarrod Gunn, a FAMU alumni from Cocoa, is giving back to the community through his “Food for Thought” canned food drive. This is more […]


Club-level volleyball growing

Club volleyball at Florida A&M falls somewhere between recreational play and varsity-level competition. It provides players with an exceptional opportunity to develop their skills, build lasting connections, and cultivate an appreciation for the game beyond the court. Aniya Thomas, a third-year biology pre-med student from Fresno, California, is the president […]


Know the different forms of diabetes

Diabetes Awareness Month is in November, a critical month on the healthcare calendar. High blood-sugar levels are a symptom of diabetes, a chronic metabolic disease. It is a rising worldwide health issue affecting millions of individuals. Diabetes Awareness Month is not a time to celebrate, but it is a time […]


New COVID vaccine shows promise

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and one of the most hopeful advances is the discovery of a new COVID-19 vaccination. For the fall/winter season 2023-24, the globe has received an upgraded COVID vaccination. The Food and Drug Administration approved the modified Novavax COVID on Oct. 3. The […]