Jarrod Gunn busy giving back

Photo of food drive flyer courtesy: Jarrod Gunn.
Photo courtesy: wfsu.org

Food drives, organized by people coming together to turn kindness into hope and nourishment are a common way that communities worldwide celebrate the act of giving.

Jarrod Gunn, a FAMU alumni from Cocoa, is giving back to the community through his “Food for Thought” canned food drive. This is more than just an event; it is a powerful demonstration of cooperation that addresses an urgent hunger problem while promoting a feeling of community.

“What really motivated me is that I was always one of the kids that did not have. I had everything I needed but did not have everything I wanted,” Gunn said.

No matter the age or circumstances, everyone deserves to have food on their table. With Gunn’s vision and determination, he made this food drive happen.

His canned food drive is timed to coincide with the season of giving and thankfulness, emphasizing that it is everyone’s duty to share the abundance. Some may know him as the promoter who plans and creates parties, but he is more than that.

“What is motivating me to contribute is knowing the people in need and also understanding where I come from and what I saw as a kid. If we were homeless, we would want someone to try and look out for us if they were able to. So, I decided to do the same with the platform we have,” said Travis Williams.

Williams is a fourth year graduating senior majoring in graphic design from Jacksonville. He may also be known to people as Travy2turnt, the DJ who spins records for parties and schools.

Giving back is important to Williams as well because it shows that individuals have a kind heart deep down within.

With this canned food drive, Gunn wants to give back to the community, especially those in need, and showcase that he can do more with his platform. To him, it is not just about promoting, but it is also about taking care of the community as well.

He decided that now would be a great time to give back. It is more than just satisfying a fundamental need; getting a bag of food conveys a strong message of support and concern. This food drive will be a lifeline and a concrete reminder that one is not alone in one’s problems for people going through a challenging period.

“When I leave Tallahassee, I want my legacy to be known for doing more than just throwing parties. I want to be known for having my hands on everything. I want to be able to use my platform to make an impact on kids or even the homeless or anyone in general that is less fortunate,” Gunn said.

Using his platform and others, he created Food for Thought canned food drive, which will last until Monday, Nov. 20.

For those who may have any canned goods that you do not mind donating, contact Gunn through social media. All donations will be given to the Kearney Center.

This food drive will nourish bodies and the soul, reminding everyone that together, we can make a difference.