Is the TikTok ban beneficial?

TikTok Application
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Social media platforms have become essential to our everyday lives in the digital era, bringing people together via creativity, entertainment and shared interests.TikTok specifically has become incredibly famous, attracting millions with its short-form videos featuring content from dancing challenges to makeup tutorials.

With this trendy app being enjoyed by users worldwide, there has been much disruption surrounding the potential ban of the application within  U.S.  borders. The House of Representatives 7521, the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, was recently passed by the House. This bill states that the Chinese internet company ByteDance must sell TikTok within six months or risk being shut down in the US.

The House is worried that the Chinese government could use Americans’ data for their benefit and utilize TikTok for censorship and surveillance.

Kipchirchir Woodin, a third-year English education major, doesn’t agree with TikTok being shut down but believes it would prevent users from being misinformed on social platforms.

“I don’t think TikTok should be banned because many people have made a career out of it,” Woodin said. “However, it could stop the spread of negativity and misinformation.”

This restraint on the application can prevent certain narratives from being pushed and present innovation in the social media landscape. However, only some see the benefits of the ban.

Jeremiah Butler, a first-year music education major, expresses that the potential removal of the application is another impeding tactic from the U.S. government.

“I think the potential ban on TikTok is nothing more than the government’s covert way of trying to infringe on our right to freedom of speech,” Butler said.

The ban of TikTok may take away creative freedom, a sense of escape, careers, and more. The app has allowed people to share their abilities, interact with like-minded people, and express themselves freely. Removing it would threaten the thriving community that has grown up on the network.

TikTok has collaborated with the U.S. since 2019 to ease national security and privacy worries. It has become a digital playground where people can dance, laugh, and share happy moments. However, for the government, it is a considerable risk to society.