The struggles of living in the moment

Live in the Moment quote
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

In a world where technology is slowly taking over, living in the moment may be more complex than before, especially among young people. Many may find themselves continuously distracted and unable to completely engage with life today due to the constant flood of alerts, social media updates, and the pressure to keep others up to date.

Digital technologies such as smartphones and social media platforms have become young people’s constant companions, drawing them away from the present moment and stealing their attention. Because of this, young adults might discover that they are never truly content with what is right in front of them and are always searching for their next dopamine rush. Remembering that social media is a tool, not real life, can be challenging.

Kennedy Mote, a graduating pre-physical therapy senior, expresses how she wishes young people would learn to separate social media from real life.

“I wish people understood that it is better to enjoy life in real-time instead of living to curate their next post,” Mote said. “I feel like everyone is looking for the best picture for their Instagram dump instead of enjoying the people and things right before them.”

Living in the moment when everything is available online with just a click of a button may be challenging. The internet is easy access for all and can be seen as a way to draw young people into their phones more than living outside of their devices.

Kipchirchir Woodin, a third-year English education major, expresses how engaging in other activities outside of social media is essential.

“Young people should focus on getting back outdoors,” Woodin said. “Being more active and engaging in person with others more often is a practical start. Spending meaningful time away from technology is important to learning how to enjoy the moment,” Woodin added.

Time away from distractions can show young people that there is more to life than social media and worrying about updating their followers. Although this world is full of technology, taking a step back occasionally to see the world for what it truly is can help young people understand that living more in the moment is far more authentic than capturing it online.

In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven society, many young people need to remember the skill of living in the now and how to connect with the present fully. This can be done by immersing themselves in the physical realm and realizing the significance of practicing mindfulness daily.