Road work delays students’ commute


Construction on Railroad Avenue has many Florida A&M students rerouting their morning commutes and showing up late for class.

Work began in July and is expected to continue into May of 2013. 

It is the first in a series of projects that will repair sewer pipes along Railroad Avenue and All Saints Road, according to Lizzy Kelley, public information specialist for the city of Tallahassee. 

Work along this road slows down traffic moving north and south. Construction along All Saints Road is expected to begin next month.

Construction doesn’t take place every day. When the site is active, students find it difficult to get to and from campus in a hurry. 

The problem is compounded when we consider the fact that the closest detour will set you back at least another mile. Dakwane Brooker is a FAMU student who has missed class on more than one occasion due to the traffic.

“I have to re-route my day and I have been late a few times. I even missed class one day because of it.”

Although it is inconvenient, construction can’t wait. According to Kelley, maintenance projects like these are performed after an emergency, such as a leak, occurs or a problem is found during a routine maintenance check. 

North Florida Asphalt, a Tallahassee based construction company, is responsible for the work. Construction has been on some days and off others. 

According to North Florida Asphalt, work has been sporadic due to the weather. The recent showers have slowed down production. Construction will continue to be scheduled around the weather.

Students can look forward to having Railroad Avenue back in late October.