Nia Berry cooking with Tally Savory Eats

Chef Nia Berry and her dishes from this past weekend. Photo courtesy: Berry

Florida A&M University is home to many groundbreaking student entrepreneurs. However, one sticks out, a culinary gem, where creativity, technology and passion intersect with entrepreneurship. 

Meet Nia Berry, the mastermind behind Tally Savory Eats, a local plate service revolutionizing students’ dining choices. Rummaging through the depths of her journey paints a story of resilience, innovation and tasty delights. This offered a glimpse into the vigorous world of Tally Savory Eats.

Berry’s business was born because of necessity and inspiration, beginning in her childhood kitchen. Raised in a home where cooking wasn’t a strong suit, she quickly decided to focus on improving her skills and creating delicious dishes from only the ingredients she had in her house at the time. It was her innate creativity that paved the way for her business. 

“I used to go on Pinterest to find a meal I could make from what we have, and it ended up being pretty good,” she said, tracing the origins of her culinary journey. Inspired by her desire to offer unique dining experiences, she decided to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship, encouraged by friends and family.

Combining her passions for technology and food, Berry embarked on a journey marked by innovation and ingenuity. “My main passion is technology, but cooking comes as a close second,” she said.

In a typical week, Berry navigates numerous commitments, from classes to leadership positions to managing her business. Yet, amid everything, her dedication remains sustained, a testament to her invincible spirit.

Nonetheless, her path to success was not without its obstacles. Berry candidly admits she faced challenges in consistency. Yet, with each setback, she learned and became stronger.

Her proudest moment was when she achieved a significant milestone, selling a record number of orders in a single weekend. It was an accomplishment that gave her confidence to aim even higher and validated her dedication.

“With her business, she is making home-cooked meals accessible for students. She is doing a good service for those that are too busy to make dinner,” said Sierra Green, highlighting Berry’s impact on the student community.

“I see her venturing into different cultures of food, so she is able to contribute to everyone’s happiness by providing a unique menu to choose from and well-cooked food to eat,” said Kennedy Peoples. “She also does a lot of meal prep, working on Friday and Saturday to prepare for the food she plans to cook on Sunday to ensure that she is able to accommodate each and every one of her customers.”

What sets Berry’s business apart from the rest is her commitment to her customers’ experience and her creativity. Creating bold flavors from different cultures, such as Birria tacos and hibachi, Berry offers students an intriguing array of culinary delights that they may have never tried before. 

Yet, amid the chaos of entrepreneurship, Berry remains grounded, drawing inspiration from culinary genius and TV celebrity Alton Brown. 

“I like to look at what other people are making as well on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest,” she said.

As she looks to the future, Berry envisions a culinary empire where innovation knows no bounds. With her plans to expand and possibly add more people to her team, she remains focused on her commitment to redefining student dining.

Every chapter in Berry’s journey is defined by perseverance, creativity and unwavering determination. She not only tempts palates with Tally Savory Eats, she also encourages a new generation of aspiring business owners to dream big and follow their passions. So, as you embark on your culinary adventures, remember to savor every bite, because each dish tells a story — a testament to Berry’s invincible spirit.