Vaping isn’t worth it

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Vapes. We all have heard of them and maybe have even tried them. They can be very addicting and can cause people to constantly buy them. 

With all of this said, vapes can also be really bad for your health. According to, nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain. The brain keeps developing until about age 25.

Vaping can cause issues to the brain, as stated above. It can also cause issues to one’s teeth by possibly staining the teeth.

Kip Woodin, a Tallahassee native, had a few things to say about how he got into vaping and why he stopped.

“Smoking anything is bad, but when I started to feel terrible and would look for it all the time, I knew it was physically and mentally tolling,” Woodin said.

Not to mention that vapes are not cheap, either. They can definitely break people’s pockets.

“Nicotine is expensive and I wasn’t gonna continue spending $12 just to feel horrible,” Woodin said.

According to, the most popular disposable vape devices range from $4 to $20.

Another individual, who asked to not be identified by name, said they realized how vapes can affect their health.

“It has sure made me want to stop because of the feeling that I get from it (vapes) sometimes,” they said.

Vapes can cause serious health issues over time and also can cause shortness of breath. They can also cause withdrawals as well.

According to, nicotine withdrawal symptoms include irritability, restlessness, feeling anxious or depressed, trouble sleeping, problems concentrating,  and craving nicotine.

It is easy to get addicted to vaping, as most people use them for a stress reliever or if they are having anxiety, but it is not a good product to use if one is looking to find an outlet. 

There are other things that can be a reliever like listening to music, writing or even going on a walk instead. Vaping is not good for anyone, really, as the effects of vaping are long term and can lead to negative effects on the body, health and teeth. 

“I am in the process of trying to stop,” they said.

They talked about how vaping can be bad for one’s health and how it can affect one as well.

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