A symphony of fashion diversity


The Bloom Fashion Show is a unique fashion event organized by two enterprising students, Demari Massey and Moninuolaoluwa Fagbamiye. They set the stage ablaze with their distinctive creativity. The show showcases a vibrant constellation of designers, each bringing their unique vision to life. The event took place at the Goodwood Museum in Tallahassee.

The runway at the Bloom Fashion Show was a symphony of fashion diversity, featuring sleek urban designs, edgy streetwear, chic elegance, and avant-garde creations. Designers like CrochetbyMylell, Jarrodus, and the Plugg Brand added texture. At the same time, Noval Treasures dazzled with one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. Guyow Apparel and TooSpodeyApparel redefined contemporary cool with their chic retrocentric designs.

Inaya Johnson, a model for the DGE brand shared her experience during the fashion show.

“My experience was wholesome; the chaotic atmosphere was like a high that only creators and models would understand,” Johnson said.

However, the Bloom Fashion Show was more than just a runway affair; it celebrated artistic expression in all its forms. Alongside the fashion extravaganza, attendees were treated to live poetry by Cordell Jones and other musical performances, with vendors offering an array of eclectic goods, including jewelry, canvas paintings, and clothing.

“Overall, I liked the aesthetic, and the show went smoothly: I would change it to being at a plantation next time, but I loved how everything was set up,” said Myles Sloan, Florida A&M Architecture student and fashion designer.

Sloan previewed his summer collection of his brand Plugg Inc. clothing.

The event was a vibrant gathering of individuals from varied backgrounds, united by their shared passion for fashion and artistic expression. The historic Goodwill Museum, a testament to the rich tapestry of talent within the Florida A&M community, provided the perfect backdrop for this celebration of diversity and culture.

“The show truly showed the process of blooming so many creatives in one place, allowing their work to shine,” said Wisdom Dixon, model for the Aworan brand. I initially felt nervous, but I found that everyone was very inviting. It felt like I was a walking work of art handcrafted by my designer.”

Behind the scenes, a symphony of dedication and hard work orchestrated the seamless execution of the event. The organizers’ commitment and passion were not just evident. They were appreciable, with over 75 community members coming to support. This was more than just a fashion show; it was a labor of love, a testament to the indomitable spirit of creativity that can be ignited by genuine passion and intention.

As the models strutted down the runway, each ensemble a canvas of self-expression, it was clear that Bloom Fashion was more than just an event; it was a movement—a movement that celebrated diversity, fostered community, and ignited the flames of imagination.

Bloom Fashion dared to be different in a world often dominated by homogeneity. It was a beacon of individuality, celebrating the myriad hues that color our world. And as the curtains drew to a close on this spectacular evening, one thing was sure: the bloom of creativity had flourished, casting its radiant light on all who dared to dream.