Students paint the stress away

Photo courtesy: Alpha Xi Royal Court’s Instagram

Florida A&M University’s Miss Rock of the South hosted a painting event to help students alleviate stress as they prepare for finals. 

The event was held Wednesday evening in BL Perry on FAMU’s campus.

Zoë Carter, a second-year, pre-veterinary animal science major, serves as the 2023-2024 Miss Rock of the South on the royal court of the Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Carter provided numerous canvases and painting materials for the participants to create their own artwork. 

Along with serving on the royal court, the New Orleans-based presenter is the CEO of her custom design business, Custom Crëationz. Carter said that her own passion for painting motivated her to plan the event. 

“I felt really stressed and what I do when I’m stressed is paint. I wanted to do this because it is a stress reliever for me, so it might help other people,” she said. 

When asked what she hoped to achieve with the event, she said she aimed to provide a creative space for students to unwind. 

“I hope people had at least a little bit of a reprieve from school because right now everybody is just kind of like, ready to go, and tired with finals and everything else. And just a break to talk, paint and laugh,” she said.

The results were rewarding as many participants expressed gratitude following the engagement.

Lovely Eveque, a second-year public relations student, said, “Painting today really helped me alleviate stress by just separating myself from schoolwork and remembering that I have a loving and supportive community around me. Painting is more than a hobby. It can definitely become a part of you. I feel like this event was definitely needed because students just need that safe space.”

For some students, the event was an escape from the stress hovering over them. A graduating senior, Charles Harper, used his creative expression as an opportunity to rejuvenate for the upcoming exam week. 

“This event was important because it gave you a chance to take your mind off of studying and schoolwork, and actually be able to express yourself and relieve stress artistically,” he said.

For more information about Custom Crëationz, you can visit @customcreeationz on Instagram. For more information about any upcoming events hosted by the Alpha Xi Royal Court, you can check out their Instagram page @axi_royalcourt.