Take time to love self

It’s Valentine’s Day once again. But despite all the joy that supposedly surrounds this Hallmark holiday, I see more and more scowling faces and hear more and more frustrated voices.

Some people boycott the day. Some wear all black.

But there’s really no way we can avoid Feb. 14. It has come, without fail, every single year since the beginning of time.

I think the frustration of Valentine’s Day stems from the constant barrage of idealistic relationships that is thrust in our faces. Images of the way it is supposed to be usually conflict with the way things are.

It shouldn’t matter that you don’t get a sing-o-gram. Even if a single rose petal doesn’t float your way, you should still hold your head up high.

Even if you don’t “have anybody,” you shouldn’t be alone. Self-love is the strongest, most important love anyone could have. It forms the basis for our other relationships and determines the way others perceive us.

Before we can begin to desire any kind of romantic relationship, we must first repair the relationship we have with ourselves. We must know our own value before we can ever expect anyone else to fully appreciate us.

The way we treat ourselves must set the example for how we want others to treat us. You get what you give.

Ladies, no matter how beautiful his eyes are, he’ll only see the image you show him. Present yourself like a queen and expect royal treatment.

Guys, she’ll use those heels to walk over you if you let her. Settle for nothing less than the best, and keep in mind that if she’s really a dime, then she’ll shine long after the polish has faded.

The people we surround ourselves with should enhance the happiness we’ve found within ourselves. We shouldn’t be looking for someone who can complete us, but instead who can complement us.

And in our search for those people-friends, soul mates, life partners or unlabeled relationships- we can’t forget or ignore the needs of that most special someone-ourselves.

Rahkia Nance, 20, is a junior newspaper journalism student from Herndon, Va. She can be reached at Petite8228@aol.com.