SJGC grad opens dessert shop in Pensacola

The owners of BAM! Snoballs, Jamari and Jamali Sharp. Photo courtesy: By All Means Creations

After being inspired by his college job at Sneaux Ball Catering Co, a dessert shop in Tallahassee, Jamal Sharp opened a similar outlet in his hometown of Pensacola.

BAM! Snoballs opened its doors in March, shortly after Sharp walked across the stage at Florida A&M as a fall graduate.

After being known as the creator of By All Means Creations as a photographer in college, Sharp shared what it was like taking on a new business venture.

“The biggest challenge was wondering if this was the right choice to make,” he said. “After graduation, everyone feels the pressure of getting a job, but I chose to go the entrepreneur route during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As a student at FAMU, Sharp gained personable skills that helped mold him as a business owner to connect with BAM! Snoballs’ target consumer.

“At FAMU, I learned how to communicate with more people,” Sharp said. “I was always an interactive person, but being a student in the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication gave me no choice but to improve my public speaking and sociability.”

BAM! Snoballs has made a significant impact in less than a year. Thus far, the business has enjoyed a ribbon-cutting ceremony from the Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce, being awarded Business of the Month from the Epsilon Mu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and successfully hosting a back-to-school drive helping 100 kids with school supplies.

One of the most significant aspects of BAM! Snoballs is that it’s family-owned.

Jamari Sharp, the co-founder of BAM! Snoballs and twin brother of Jamal Sharp, said opening a business in Pensacola would positively impact their community.

“Starting a business in my hometown meant everything to me,” he said. “I want to impact lives and be a good influence on my peers o. Showing the youth in the community that it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur/business owner was my main target. Then the fact of bringing a fun, family-friendly dessert shop in the city was a big deal. We find ourselves being a community hot commodity. We have repeat customers who come every day and love the product we sell and kids who love the artwork and Marvel theme. Overall, it’s a good environment.”

As a former employee at Sneaux Ball, Jamal Sharp learned essential skills from the owner, Jarrett Maloy.

“The biggest takeaway from working at Sneaux Ball was learning the importance of how to treat people and being honest, which is something Jarret preached,” he said.

Jarrett Maloy, the owner of Sneaux Ball Catering, said he was ecstatic to support Sharp and his family during their new business venture.

“It feels great knowing that I influenced Jamal to open up a Sneaux Ball shop because I realize the impact it had on my life and the impact that it can create for him and his family as well so it’s a great feeling just to know that my story and success will impact his story,” Maloy said. “The most significant impact I hope to have on the community is just to be an example to show that it can be done.”

Business owners Jamal and Jamari Sharp look forward to growing the business by opening an additional location, expanding their flavors and exploring their creativity.

“I see our family-owned business growing tremendously,” Jamari Sharp said. “The talk of franchising and expanding is definitely in the works. We want BAM! Snoballs to be a household name. We are open to collaborating with other businesses as well. Who knows what the future has in store.”