FAMU advances in U.S. News & World Report college ranking

Lee Hall at FAMU. Photo Courtesy: ThoughtCo.com

Florida A&M University’s national ranking rises as the university jumps from 117th to the 104th ranked public university in the nation. FAMU continues to strive to improve recruitment and student success.

FAMU also moved forward from being ranked number 20 to number 13 on the social mobility index, representing the university’s capacity to produce high-performing students despite the economic trajectory of their environment.

According to U.S.News, the social mobility ranking is determined by a university’s ability to enroll and graduate large proportions of disadvantaged students awarded with a Pell Grant.

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. William E. Hudson Jr., expresses that FAMU’s social mobility ranking highlights the efforts of the university to create a brighter future for students.

“Over 60 percent of our students receive a Pell Grant, and over 80 percent receive some type of financial aid,” Hudson said. “Social mobility indicates how a degree from FAMU can change the trajectory of an entire family.”

“A student moves from low social-economic to potentially middle class based upon the degree they receive from FAMU, and the type of employment they receive upon graduation,” Hudson said. “We want students to know that coming to FAMU can get them to any place they want to be… ”

The top priority of FAMU’s five-year strategic plan from 2017- 2022, called FAMU Rising, is the exceptional student experience. This plan is followed by transformative alumni, the community, and business engagement, focusing on building and expanding partnerships.

President Larry Robinson views the ranking in the Social Mobility Index as aligning with FAMU’s measures of student success.

“… FAMU has made great progress in [retention, graduation rate, and student success outcomes] in recent years that parallel our incentives and ranking,” Robinson said.

Dr. Hudson expects FAMU’s ranking to attract more companies and businesses seeking to employ students.