Winter’s here. Are you doing right by your skin?

Brooke Martin, founder of Modern Aesthetics in Tallahassee. Photo courtesy Martin

Are you ready for winter? You’d better be, because the changing weather affects more than our hair.

Finding a skin-care routine during winter is an important task for most people. Whether it is dry or dehydrated skin because of the cold weather, there are different ways to maintain proper skin care during winter.

Brooke Martin, a master esthetician and owner of Modern Aesthetics in Tallahassee, offers suggestions for products to use. Martin discovered a passion for skin care after deciding to take control of her skin when she had developed bad skin.

Martin is now licensed to practice in Florida, Wisconsin, Washington and Hawaii.

Everyones skin gets drier because of lack of air, humidity and wind outside,” Martinsaid. To prepare your skin before wintertime comes, a good product to use would be Epionce, a renewal facial cream.”

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two common issues when the weather turns cold. Martin gives some treatment tips for these two skin types. Martin notes that dry skin is the result of a lack of oil, while dehydrated skin is the result of a lack of water in your skin.

Since dry skin doesnt produce as much sebum as normal skin, it doesnt have the necessary lipids to retain water and keep a strong skin barrier to protect the skin.

Your skin is like an onion, but when you peel that outer layer away, it removes the dead cells,” she said.

Martin suggests an emollient-rich moisturizer that replenishes a lack of oil. It combats dry skin. Another product that Martin suggests, is DermaClean, which removes dead skin cells to nourish the surface of the skin.

FAMU students change up their skin care routine during winter to combat dry/dehydrated skin.

I use La Roche Posay Facial Cleanser, Dickinson Hydrating Toner every other day or depending if I do my hair or makeup, you dont want to dry your face up too much,” said Racquel Pinney, a third year pre-cardiovascular major at FAMU. Then I use  Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 as over my face, as well as theirCaffeine Solution 5% + EGCG for under my eyes.”

Pinney believes that the key factor for skin care during the winter is keeping your skin moisturized.

I use oil serums like Vitamin E oil and tea tree oil to keep my face moisturized during the winter,” said Jada Mathis a third-year criminal justice major at FAMU.  I recommend using products that contain no alcohol.”

Mathis and Pinney both recommend drinking water as a part of an everyday routine because of the positive results that it has shown for their skin.

For dehydrated skin, I would suggest using a hydrogel,” Martinsaid. Hydrogel naturally absorbs water, which creates an occlusive that rehydrates the skin.”

Martin said that Gliymed and ultra-hydrogen, which has hyaluronic acid, are useful products to use for dehydrated skin.