Rattlers rate their favorite TV shows

Favorite TV Shows voted by students. Chart made on Meta-Chart.Com

Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Pop culture includes a variety of genres such as popular music, movies, television, sports and video games. Television has evolved over the years to continue to attract viewers by offering a movie theater experience in the comfort of our homes or at the tips of our fingers via electronic devices.  Many shows are the topics of discussion at dinner, on social media sites, and the subject of blogs and vlogs.

I conducted a survey around FAMU’s campus asking 45 students to rate their top three shows with a total of 135 votes. A total of 20 shows where listed. The survey showed that the top 3 shows Rattlers enjoy are “Power,” “All American,” and “Snowfall.”  “Snowfall” ranked top 3 in 12.5 percent of the students surveyed, 13.2 percent ranked “All American,” and 14.7 percent preferred “Power.”

“Power” is  a drama series co-executive produced by 50 cent Curtis Jackson, who also co-stars, and show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh. It is aired on Starz, produced in New York, and the first episode was aired on June 7, 2014.

“Power” is currently in season 6. It tells a story about James St. Patrick (ghost), a drug dealer who wishes to leave the criminal world to become a legitimate businessman.

“I enjoy watching  ‘Power.’  It displays the problems that African Americans face daily, including family, street violence, death, etc.” Maliyah Davis said.

“All American” is a sports drama created by April Blair and it plays on the CW. It first aired Oct. 10, 2018. It is currently on season two.

“All American” is mainly about a high school athlete named Spencer James who is from the South Crenshaw neighborhood in Los Angeles. His mother and his best friend persuaded him to go to a school in Beverly Hills after coach Billy Baker recruited him to better his education, keep him out of trouble, and get him into a top college. Things get crazy when Spencer finds out coach Baker and his mom had ties together.

“‘All American’ is my favorite show because it’s based off of a true story and I can relate. I grew up in a rough neighborhood and decided to go across town to attend school and play sports,” Steven McCloud said.

“Snowfall” is a drama series created by John Singleton, Dave Andron and Eric Amadio. It can be watched on FX, and the first episode was July 5, 2017. It is now in season 3 and is produced in Los Angeles.

“Snowfall” is about the crack epidemic during the beginning of the 1980s.

“I love this show because anything involving the CIA and drugs is very interesting to me,” Telisa Evans said.

In a technologically advanced age, television has managed to stay relevant. The content of the shows is very relatable to some and offers a fairytale like experience for others. It is an essential part of pop culture and enjoyed by folks of all ages.