FAMU student’s 21st birthday draws her to service

Taylar Hall is doing 21 actos of service up to her 21st birthday later this month. Photo courtesy Taylar Hall.

Back in August, Taylar Hall got the idea to bring in her 21st birthday with service.

Turning 21 is a monumental age for many young adults. It permits them to legally buy alcohol and is also a step closer to the removal of the add-on fee when renting a car.

Hall, a fourth-year political science major with a minor in  journalism, is a  from Tallahassee native.

With her 21st birthday approaching, Hall decided to dedicate the month of November to serving others. Her birthday was bigger than herself this year; Hall wanted to fulfill her purpose.

“I’m very strong in my Christian faith and it has inspired me to do the very best I can to help others. I thought what better way to bring in my birthday than to walk in purpose for 21 days,” Hall said.

With the help of her family and friends, Hall has been able to plan and create each event successfully. Her events range from off-campus to on-campus and each impacts the community in a significant way.

Hall decided to reach out to some of the less familiar places in the community. Examples of the types of service that Hall will be completing are canvassing, study groups, and mentoring young students.

Twenty-one is a big year for Hall. She will be graduating, moving to a different state, and beginning a new life – all at that age.

“All I have been able to do is pray that in the next chapter God would continue to use me for his glory, and I believe bringing in my birthday by serving others is the best way to start,” Hall said.

London Camel, a good friend of Hall’s, was feeling extremely grateful after one of Hall’s service events included a community garden.

“I’m eternally grateful for Taylar putting on her list of birthday service activities to go and volunteer at a community garden. The amount of knowledge I’ve received along with the miniature workout was well needed,” said Camel.

She was hesitant about going through with it but her faith and passion for giving back gave her the confidence to follow through with the project.

Carol Hall, Hall’s mother, has been aware of her daughter’s generous heart from the time she was little girl. Hall enjoyed serving in her church in various ways.

“It’s great that she’s deciding to do this. It shows that she loves people, has a servant’s heart, and is always willing to serve, even if she has to seek them out,” Carol  Hall said.