Tallahassee takes pride in its water


Tallahassee’s clean drinking water.
Photo credit: Jade Jacobs

The 2018 Water Quality Annual Report has been released and it shows that the standard was met for a high quality of drinking water in Tallahassee.

 This standard of clean water has been watched over a 12-month period. More than 16,000 samples of water were analyzed in a certified laboratory.

The laboratory is utilized to maintain the highest possible quality of drinking water. Different analyses are conducted, which are set to have far stricter limits than what the government shows as acceptable.

“The city’s professional staff ensures purity through a continuous regimen of rigorous testing and through proactive utility maintenance of the water systems, wells and piping through the city,” City Commissioner Nancy Miller told the city’s Department of Communications.

Not many Tallahassee residents are aware that they reside on one of the largest and cleanest underground water systems in the world. For more than 100 years, the city has been using the Floridian Aquifer to provide the city with clean, safe and reliable drinking water.

Tallahassee resident, Julia Stevenson, said, “Out of the 14 years that I’ve lived in Tallahassee, I have always trusted the water to be safe and nourishing for my family. Educating your friends and family members about the clean water, and how they can help keep it clean, can help build their trust as well.”

Tallahassee takes pride in its water. The city has won the “State Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest” three different years during the past 10 years. The Underground Utilities General Manager, Mike Tadros, said, “We are very proud of the quality of our tap water. We are very confident with the quality of water we provide to our citizens.”

The city has made recommendations for citizens which will help maintain clean water in Tallahassee. They urge residents to maintain their plumbing systems and to use water wisely. These two simple steps will allow future generations to benefit from the current high quality of water in the capital city.