Oprah for president may not be so bad

Patrick Crowe may have the right idea about this whole presidency thing. Maybe Oprah Winfrey in 2008 isn’t such a bad idea.

Crowe is a former math teacher from Missouri who created the Web site www.oprah08.net to encourage America to put the media queen in the president’s seat. To think of the “Queen of Daytime” running the country solicited thoughts of a near Utopia.

So she lacks actual political qualifications to actually run for president. That didn’t stop the Terminator from taking the gubernatorial reigns in the Golden State.

So why not Oprah? She’s smart – maybe even smarter than our current commander in chief.

The heading scrawled across the top of Crowe’s website reads “Oprah for President-2008, Someone we can both love and trust.” Crowe makes a compelling point in both arguments.

Just ask the droves of people that flock to their local bookstore to buy Oprah’s next bookclub recommendation whether they trust Oprah.

But on Monday, her lawyers demanded that Crowe cease his efforts. While Oprah admitted her lawyers may have overreacted, she was flattered by the bid of support for her invisible quest of the White House.

But beyond her charisma and mass appeal, maybe she’ll represent a change in the American political psyche. Picture a black woman at the head of a country whose entire presidential roster consists of white men. If this ever became a reality, the country would take on a completely different political disposition.

So why not run, Oprah? Crowe has already started the campaign ball rolling. Don’t make him throw away those T-shirts and buttons with “Run, Oprah, Run” stamped on them. Those bumper stickers have your name on them for a reason.

After eight years of the Bush regime, a little Oprah doesn’t seem all that bad.

Akeem Anderson for the editorial board.