Author: Toya Womack


What is Good hair

There are a plethora of hair textures when it comes to black women: straight, wavy, curly, coily, and everything in between. Deciding whether to perm it, go natural, press it, add some weave to it, or shave it all off! It is a never ending struggle to try to determine […]


Famu Officials against Guns on Campus

A bill has been proposed to Florida’s legislature to allow guns on campus. However, with recent tragedies, such as the Oregon shooting at Umpqua Community college, permitting guns on campus seems it will aid campus shootings verses ceasing them. President of Florida A&M University Elmira Mangum supports the State University […]


FAMU PD Prepares For a Safe Homecoming

Florida A&M’s Homecoming is just days away, and FAMU’s police department, alongside Tallahassee’s police department, are doing their best to ensure a safe environment. Chief of FAMU’s police, Terence Calloway, said his team is working with all surrounding enforcement to protect not just the students, but Tallahassee residents, and visitors. […]


FAMU Goes Unnoticed with Fortune 500 Companies

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are unnoticed when it comes to recruitment. It is imperative that HBCU students get a fair chance in the workforce, especially being that companies are always looking to diversify. Delores Dean, the career center’s director, does her best to make sure Florida A&M University students […]


Football Injuries Can Lead to Brain Disease

Courtesy of Brains donated to science of former football players tested positive for brain disease. Out of 91 former players, 87 tested positive for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a type of brain disease that is progressively degenerative; this type of disease can be linked to repeated head […]


Stage set for Friday’s Impeachment Hearing

Florida A&M’s Judicial and Rules Committee held a meeting Wednesday to review and discuss their role and answer any questions regarding the decision by the Student Senate on Monday to impeach SGA President Tonnette Graham. Judicial and Rules Chairman, Pernell Mitchell gave a brief overview of Monday’s meeting. After his […]


Youth Citzen Police Academy Graduates 15

Photo by Toya Womack Youth Citizen Police Academy holds their graduation, graduating 15 teenagers. The academy is for minors, ages 13-17. Tallahasse police department graduated 15 teenagers from their Youth Citizen Police Academy. The academy allows for children, ages 13-17, to explore the world of a police officer through seven […]


FAMU Attends Art Basel

FAMU students will be able to enjoy the world of Art Basel this upcoming December. The 13th session Senate meeting passed bill SB14FA-003, which will allow for the trip to be funded by student Activities and Service fees (A&S). Art Basel is an annual event that began in 1970 by […]


Student Senators get Straight to Business

Student Government Association President, Tonette Graham, addressed the student body and offered student leaders a few words of advice. “Make sure you stay on top of your school work, and check in with your professors. We are students first before we are student leaders,” said Graham. Graham also informed the […]