FAMU PD Prepares For a Safe Homecoming

Florida A&M’s Homecoming is just days away, and FAMU’s police department, alongside Tallahassee’s police department, are doing their best to ensure a safe environment.

Chief of FAMU’s police, Terence Calloway, said his team is working with all surrounding enforcement to protect not just the students, but Tallahassee residents, and visitors.  

“We are working collectively with not just TPD, but Leon County’s sheriff department. We also have a mutual aid agreement with FSU [Florida State University] PD because they are just a skip and a hop away,” Calloway said. “It’s a collaborative effort for all of the law enforcement in the Big Bend area.”

Having large amounts of people on campus raises the risk of something occurring, Public Information Officer, David Northway said.

“We are cautioning everyone about the extra people in the area, so they can allow themselves more time to travel,” he said. “We are advising residents to do their best to not be in the Downtown and Southside area unless necessary.”

Calloway is also partnering with the Office of Student Affairs so they can inform students on ways to ensure their own safety.

“We’re urging them [students] to use the buddy system, we’re urging them to use the set escort system, which is a group of students that we hire to make sure people are transported back and forth to their destination and location,” Calloway said.

Alumna Ashley Ingram is looking forward to partaking in this year’s Homecoming activities. However, she is concerned about her well-being.  

“Tallahassee has had a lot of issues with crime lately,” Ingram said. “I want to have fun, but I don’t want to be paranoid about being mugged or something.”

Calloway says he personally believes theft is an issue on all college campuses regardless of the time of year. He says alumni return to campus and have a sense of comfort and aren’t always thinking about putting their important items in places that aren’t visible.

“The way you eliminate or reduce crimes is to take away the opportunity. You have opportunist out there all the time who are waiting for someone to make a mistake and capitalize on that mistake,”  Calloway said.

Homecoming is a week of events where students, alumni, and residents can gather and have fun. To keep a positive atmosphere law enforcement in Tallahassee are encouraging those partaking in activities to be aware of their surroundings, and to report any suspicious activity.