Author: Skylar Rowley | Staff writer


Cassaberry making her mark on campus

When it comes to breaking barriers and stereotypes, Jordan “JC” Cassaberry, a third-year psychology student from Pensacola, has never been one to back down from a challenge. Transferring from Tallahassee Community College in the fall of 2022, Cassaberry has started to make her mark on the campus of Florida A&M. […]


McClendon is all about mentoring

When passion meets purpose, anything is possible. Jenia McClendon, a third-year social work major at Florida A&M from West Palm Beach, has known from a very young age that mentorship and advocating for the future generation was her “why.” McClendon works tirelessly to become the person she wished she had […]


Student commuters discouraged at gas pumps

Gas prices in Florida are on the rise again. Recently, records have shown that prices have increased another 10 percent at Florida gas stations. Experts ascribe that the rise in prices are influenced by an increase in the demand for gas and low supply. Right now, the average gas price […]


Students at FAMU have rich history of activism

This photo shows the anger and frustration that followed a generational tragedy. On May 2, 1959, Betty Jean Owens, a student at Florida A&M University was raped by four white men: William Collinsworth, Ollie Stoutamire, David Beagles and Patrick Scarbourough. Unfamiliar with most cases of white men sexually assaulting Black […]