All Saint Hop Yard Kick Off No Shave November

All Saint Hop Yard is kicking up momentum for the No-Shave November movement to spread awareness to cancer by growing their hair.

 All Saints Hop Yard in Tallahassee, Fla., held its Second Annual No Shave November Beard Competition. The event was free to the public and included live music and refreshments. The competition was highly anticipated.There were five categories that contestants could place in, which included longest, nastiest, most hipster, thickest, and women’s beards.

Patrick O’Donnell, the event coordinator the All Saints Hop Yard, hopes to continue this annual event.

“We love the fun and creative aspects of this event, but more importantly we really enjoy raising awareness behind the No Shave November cause. Overall, it is great to have people come out with collaborative, yet competitive spirits for a great cause,” O’Donnell said.

Some of those who came out to participate did so impulsively. Ben Rand, a contestant, won the category of best hipster beard.Rand did not plan on coming to the competition initially but he did grow his beard in honor of No Shave November.

“I actually had no idea that this event was happening tonight. I just ended up coming with a friend of mine, and I am so glad I came because it is for a good cause and I won something,” Rand said.  

Women were also allowed to participate in the beard competition. If they were not able to showcase natural beards, they were allowed to get creative.

Danielle Higgins, who won best women’s beard, said, “After coming to last year’s competition, I made sure that I was going to participate in this year’s event. I wanted my creativity to shine through and I’m glad that that is exactly what happened.”

The New 76er’s, a local band, provided live sounds and were warmly received by the audience. Attendee Brian Durham said, “I really enjoyed the music aspect of tonight’s event. It really added a great ambiance to the atmosphere.”

The All Saints Hop Yard encourages next year’s contestants to start preparing for the next battle of the beards.