Students Shine In Jazz Recital

Jazz, rooted in African-American communities, is known for its vibrant cultural heritage. Those who attended the Jazz Recital Combo were treated to a variety of traditional and modern jazz styles.

They performed seven songs including: “Sooner” by Cameron Dixon, “Speak Low” by Ogden Nash and “Caravan” by Juan Tizol. Each song showcased the musician’s unique playing style, along with their technical and creative ability.

Before every piece the band leader would introduce themselves and every member in that particular group. The band leader also introduced each instrument that was going to be played.

Select students, in Jazz History class, were asked to takes notes on what they liked and/or disliked about the performances. One of the student’s favorite performances was “September In The Rain” which included vocalist, Aailyah Franklin, a sophomore music education major.

The “September In The Rain” vocalist explained all the musicians have invested a lot of time to prepare for the recital.

“We have been practicing twice a week for the past two weeks,” Franklin continued. “I used to get nervous performing in front of big crowds but now it is really simple. There really is nothing to it, I just feel the music and perform.”

The appreciation from the audience proved that all of their practice paid off.

“The piano player was my favorite performer,” said Ciera Campbell, a junior public relations student. “He did a really great job and he looked passionate about what he was doing.”

After the final performance, the musicians and Department of Music Faculty in attendance, were given a thunderous standing ovation.

“The most enjoyable part for me is seeing it all come together,” said Robert Griffin, an Associate Professor of the Department of Music. “When I see the students creativity come together as groups and as individuals that is what I enjoy the most.”

The music students will continue to have performances this semester and spring semester. To find dates and time, check the FAMU Department of Music website.