FAMU Student Finds Success in Self Made Fitness Program

Florida A&M University student Erin Grier launched his own fitness program to help students maintain healthy lifestyles by exercising and following nutritional diets.

GrierFit targets Tallahassee students in need of a personalized fitness program by offering affordable hourly rates for college students.

Grier started helping his friends build workout routines and now he has decided to start a company to help Tallahassee students with their daily physical fitness.

“I wanted to introduce students to a more creative and innovative side to working out. We’ve added hand-eye coordination drills and a lot of calisthenics to our workout routines,” Grier said. “It’s student led and it’s really affordable for college students. We charge $15 an hour for workouts, which is much cheaper than other personal trainers and we are also more convenient than others because we will come workout with you.”

Grier’s first session had a turnout of 15 motivated students ready to get into shape. Members of the Collegiate 100 and Sigma Gamma Rho also supported Grier’s first event by participating in the workout.

Babatunde Olaoye, member of Collegiate 100, offers nutritional knowledge to Grier’s clients and also serves a GrierFit trainer. Olaoye has been training for the past four years to be accepted into a Navy Seal program and follows a healthy disciplined diet.

“Limiting the number of sweets and high sodium snacks is key to weight loss and maintaining a healthier diet. Eating foods with complex carbs like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains together in moderate serving sizes also plays a very important role in maintaining a healthier lifestyle,” Olaoye said. “It’s all about discipline. Following a healthier diet plan will help lower injuries, increase energy and ultimately, ‘up your game.’ If you want to be the best, strive to build a healthy lifestyle.”

Grier also enlisted the help of FAMU’s recreation gym’s trained staff.

Kaila Trimble, FAMU physical trainer, plans on participating in GrierFit by teaching Grier’s clients proper stretching methods and recovery tactics from intense workouts.

“It’s really important to stretch in order to increase flexibility. Stretching increases blood flow in muscles and also decreases risk of injury,” Trimble said. “My advice to Grier’s new clients is that if you’re new to exercising and trying to combat injury or soreness then you should try to stretch wherever you are. Also, you should always remember to rest to give your muscles time to build and repair. You should have one or two rest days out of the week.”

Grier created an Instagram page to reach out to more students and keep current clients updated on recommended workouts.