Author: Nicole Williams | Staff writer


‘Friendsgiving’: A millennial tradition

During Thanksgiving week, many young adults across the country prepared for a similar celebration of thanks popularly called “Friendsgiving.” Usually celebrated throughout the Thanksgiving season, Friendsgiving allows for people to connect with friends before traveling home for the holidays. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary, Friendsgiving is a large meal that […]


Stop bashing Summer Walker

Twenty-three year-old singer Summer Walker has recently come under fire for canceling more than 20 tour dates for her First and Last Tour. The news was delivered last week via an Instagram post by the Atlanta native, claiming she would no longer be able to handle the pressures of the […]


Nike, FAMU forming new relationship

Here are two things that you do not hear together very often: Nike and FAMU. Not anymore. Monday night saw the end of the long standing history of Nike’s absence on FAMU’s campus, with the first-ever information session on the ever growing Global Technology internship program. The recruitment team comprised […]


Young entrepreneur to host pop up shop

For one young lady creating and operating a business is a skill she has been developing since middle school. Beginning with a small, custom tutu business, the now 18-year-old business owner wants to share her experiences with other female entrepreneurs with her unique spin on a networking event. Her name, […]