Nike, FAMU forming new relationship

Students before the start of the Nike information session. Photo Submitted by Nicole Williams

Here are two things that you do not hear together very often: Nike and FAMU.

Not anymore. Monday night saw the end of the long standing history of Nike’s absence on FAMU’s campus, with the first-ever information session on the ever growing Global Technology internship program.

The recruitment team comprised of three representatives of Nike, Leo Pichette, Ladena Weathers and Donald McKenzie, a 2017 graduate of FAMU’s College of Engineering. The three were sent to FAMU’s campus to inform students on the opportunities Nike has to offer.

“I am excited to meet with students to get them engaged with Nike like I have,” McKenzie said. “I want to ensure that students are getting to the right positions within Nike and that we are starting to see more diversity in our interns.”

Donald McKenzie and Terrance Burk after the Nike information session. Photo Submitted by Nicole Williams

The meeting took place in Benjamin Banneker, where food provided by Gaines Street Pies was given to students before the start of the event. The meeting covered the history of the company as well as each of the different areas that the internship program will be working with. The meeting also dove into the overview of the internship program with some highlight. It is a 10-12 week program that offers competitive pay with a full relocation package, a summer project, cross functional events, and mentorship opportunities.

“Nike truly does offer a lot of opportunities to grow as a person with the company,”  Pichette told the classroom filled with students. “They are truly invested which is why we are taking the steps to be here like today.”

When asked why Nike has failed to visit the campus for requirement in the past, Pichette took the time to explain in the following way: “Our internship program in the form it is today is only about four years old. So the core changes to the initiatives and the push for more diversity is finally beginning to be implemented throughout.”

Upon the conclusion of the presentation, students were encouraged to speak to the recruitment team and to connect on an individual level. This allowed students like Terrance Burk to speak directly to McKenzie and his team.

“The meeting really showed me there is more to do within my major besides just being in the supply chain,” Burk, a senior industrial engineer major, said. “I honestly want to stay in contact with Donald and follow the steps he gave us today to apply for the position.”

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