Review: Knight delights with ‘Stacked’

Cover of Stacked by Kash Doll. Photo courtesy of Apple Music

Detroit native Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight released her debut album, “Stacked” this weekend.  The collection of songs feels more like a set of letters to her fans diving into how the past year has been for her, while it introduces her unique style to new listeners who may not be familiar.  

“A lot of cease and desists tried to drop my streams,” Knight recounts on her track, “KD Diary.” “So I stayed on the road, without music to stream.” Knight explains how she had to push while still signed to a local record company in Detroit.

“Stacked” sits at an impressive 47 minutes with a total of 17 songs. The album name receives its meaning from its ability to serve as slang to describe the build of a voluptuous woman, allowing Kash Doll to use this as a positive affirmation for women who are the primary target for her anthems.

“Hotter than the summer hits, I got ‘em for the year.” Knight spits on “Ready Set” with Big Sean, a fellow Detroit native. This duo first made an appearance together on Big Sean’s “So Good” back in 2017. 

Knight saw her quick rise to fame with tracks like “For Everybody” and “Ice Me Out.” Her witty bars and incredible sense of confidence has cemented her as someone to look out for. Knight followed up the concept of “For Everybody” with the track “Krazy” featuring LouGotCash. Solidifying her storytelling skills are maturing rapidly before our eyes.’’

Tracks like “So Amazing,” “Doing Too Much” and “On Sight” showcase Knight’s ability to balance nostalgic beats with modern ideas of independence that speak to the current generation of female hip-hop listeners. There is a need for more female artists to speak their mind as the validity of their right to be part of the genre comes into question. 

“We can’t keep beggin’ for a time to help ourselves, it’s a cold world,” are lyrics from “100 of Us” where Knight opens up on her opinions of the social injustices that still plague our society today. 

The album can’t go without mentioning the incredible work of the features. The list of features include Teyanna Taylor, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and Summer Walker. These tracks bring the entire project to a high with Knight blending her own style with each of the featured artists.

Knight was recently featured as part of FAMU’s Homecoming Hip Hop Concert. To stream the debut album, “Stacked,” visit Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube.