A user’s guide to black-owned cosmetic offerings in Tallahassee

Creme on the Rox Cream Lip Whip from Beauty Bakerie. $20 at Ulta Beauty. Photo courtesy Beauty Bakerie

Finding makeup products as a woman of color is no longer a grueling task. With the emergence of black-owned makeup brands, or BOMBS ,a term coined by beauty influencer Alissa Ashley, it has become easier for women of all shades to find a product that suits all their needs. 

But what does this mean for the students of Florida A&M University? Where can you go to find all the BOMB products that were made for you by someone who looks like you?

There is no question that the standard for beauty has changed over the years with a push for companies to emphasize diversity and inclusion, and Tallahassee is no different. Stores like Sephora and Ulta have made an effort to include more beauty products from black-owned companies. 

Here is a list of BOMB products that you can find in local stores:

  •  Beauty Bakerie, owned by Cashmere Nicole 

This is a well known company that has been continuing to make strides in the beauty industry since 2011. Nicole, a breast cancer survivor, has designed the entire brand around the dessert theme that is effortlessly carried throughout to the names of each of the products. Beauty Bakerie can be found at the local Ulta. Unique products include her signature Lip Whips (lipsticks), Flour Powder Setting Powder, and egg carton filled with beauty blenders.

Translucent Flour Powder from Beauty Bakerie. $24 at Ulta Beauty. Photo courtesy of Beauty Bakerie


  •  Juvia’s Place, owned by Chici Eburu

Born in Nigeria, owner Eburu took Instagram by storm with striking bold eyeshadows. Today Juvia’s Place affordable palettes can be found at Ulta along with the recently released line of complexion products. These products range from foundation and concealers to setting powders. Eburu has built her brand on “The Origin of Beauty.”  She believes that with Africa being the birthplace of all humanity, it makes perfect sense to explore the depths of that beauty through makeup. 

Senegal Set. Available online at Juvia’s Place Photo courtesy of Juvia’s Place


  •  The Lip Bar, owned by Melissa Butler 

Owner and CEO Butler created The Lip Bar with the intention of offering the perfect lipstick for women of all shades and colors. With humble beginnings of being rejected at Shark Tank to creating an empire that is being sold on the selves of Target stores across the country.  The affordable lip products allow for every wearer to follow The Lip Bar can be found at the Florida State Target on West Tennessee Street. 

Honorable Mention: Fenty Beauty, founded by Robin ‘Rhianna’ Fenty

Fenty Beauty receives the honorable mention award for the strides the company has made to set a new standard for beauty. It is well known that Fenty Beauty is not the first brand to push companies to be more inclusive, but it is the first in recent history to make other companies feel required to follow their example. 

Rhianna is credited with founding the company and holds ownership to the name of the company and the patents of all the products offered within the line. According to the company website, Fenty Beauty is currently owned by parent company LMVH. LMVH  also holds ownership of other companies like Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D. Fenty Beauty can be found on the shelves of Sephora.