Author: Lendsey Augustin | Staff Writer


Traveling abroad shapes young minds

Traveling abroad opens your perspective to another life, an entire ecosystem separated from the one we’re accustomed to. It allows you to firsthand take part in different foods, entertainment, scenery and so much more. Traveling abroad engages you with people of those cultures and prompts curiosity to ask the fleeting […]


Are Miami and Spring Break over?

Miami is attempting to end its long-term relationship with Spring Break. After three consecutive years of spring break violence, Miami Beach officials are implementing monthlong security measures in an attempt to reduce the mayhem that occurs during that week.  In a commercial released by Miami encouraging guests not to come, […]


Set Friday just hasn’t been the same

Set Friday has been a longstanding tradition since the early 1990s. Every Friday, students would gather on the “set”, the brick-lined path separating what is now the Will Packer Amphitheater and Office of Student Union, to socialize with their peers, and enjoy local and student vendors, and music. Since COVID, […]


Bowler dismisses ex-teammate’s claims

Just two weeks after FAMU star bowler, Shamoria Johnson, was dismissed from the team, her former teammate stepped up to dismiss Johnson’s claims. According to HBCUBUZZ, Eva Holmes, one of the remaining teammates, released a statement on her Instagram that while some events have been told, that is not the […]


FAMU Women’s Student Union

Florida A&M University’s Women’s Student Union is an organization whose purpose is to bring awareness on campus as well as in the surrounding community. They bring awareness to issues such as politics, economics, and social movements in society. They also host different programs including community service on the upliftment of […]


Generation Action an advocacy organization

Florida A&M University’s Generation Action is a part of a national collegiate organization that falls underneath Planned Parenthood’s advocacy program. FAMU is also the first HBCU chapter to fall under Generation Action. Their goal is to gather as many students as possible, student organizers, and advocates to build their skills […]


To sublease or not sublease?

With graduation looming, many graduates are in the process of subleasing or “reletting” their apartments. The process is done between the person subleasing their unit and the person who has agreed to take over their lease. Although seemingly straightforward, the process can stir up issues regarding finding an eligible tenant […]


Dr. Who?

For many of us, reading was our first love and the tangible item we encountered that allowed us to escape reality. We’d travel to different worlds and across timelines, and have historical figures in history all in the palm of our hands. Reading used to be something many looked forward […]


How can you stay informed?

All around us pivotal moments in politics are happening every second. From the war between Israel and Gaza to the GOP debate, our rapidly advancing society is pushing out content by the bulk. So how can students stay informed about what we really need to know, all the while flushing […]


Growing during undergrad

College is a period where we experience both the highs and lows of life. We go through many phases of ourselves, friends and even family members. We are stepping out of our comfort zone, meeting new people and trying different things. This time in our lives is when we put […]