Generation Action an advocacy organization

Members of Generation Action gathered at their most recent meeting.
Photo Courtesy: Trenece Robertson

Florida A&M University’s Generation Action is a part of a national collegiate organization that falls underneath Planned Parenthood’s advocacy program. FAMU is also the first HBCU chapter to fall under Generation Action. Their goal is to gather as many students as possible, student organizers, and advocates to build their skills and allow them the space to advocate and spread knowledge about reproductive rights and healthcare. Generation Action stands for reproductive justice and the right of choice for all women.

Trenece Robertson, a sociology major who also serves as president for the current academic school year, shares her experience being a part of Generation Action and the foundation for it all.

“We were founded in 2016 by FAMU alumni named Kayla Lawson,” Robertson said. “She was volunteering with Planned Parenthood and then the original organizer asked her to start a chapter at FAMU and she did.”

“I have been a part of Generation Action for almost two years now. I was a general body member in 2022,” Robertson said.  Then I became vice-president in fall 2022 and this past fall semester I became president.”

As president, Robertson’s job is the correspondence between their on-campus organization and Florida Planned Parenthood.

There are many different wheels keeping an organization turning and for creatives rising in this era, we use social media platforms as another avenue to spread awareness and connect.

Zion Afolabi, a graphic design major who also serves as the public relations chair for the current academic school year, shares what her position entails within Generation Action.

“My position is to serve as the social media coordinator where I create graphics and create engagement content to bridge the gap between students and student organizers,” Afolabi said.

Afolabi spearheads the creative direction for most of the organization and has photographed their previous photoshoots.

For many students politically involved on campus the days can feel unwavering when you’re fighting for a worthy cause. What’s the fuel that keeps them going and keeps fighting?

Nyasia Haynes, a biology pre-med major who also serves as the secretary for the current academic school year, shares her “why” to continue coming back.

“What kept me coming back was how the women who were already involved were so nice and welcoming, as well as supportive even though I was just a general body member,” Haynes said.

“They saw that I was very passionate about reproductive justice and making a difference and they pushed me to do more and gave me everything that I would need to accomplish my goals and I am so grateful for that.”

If you’re interested in joining but aren’t too familiar with abortion laws, Haynes shares some advice.

“Still join! Don’t let the lack of knowledge stop you. We are also a teaching organization and one of our goals is to make others more knowledgeable on these topics,” Haynes said. “I didn’t know about these topics myself but those inside taught me and gave me the resources. If this is something you’re passionate about, then take that step out on faith and make a change!”