FAMU Women’s Student Union

Executive Board for the 2023-2024 academic school year.
Photo courtesy: @wsu_famu on Instagram

Florida A&M University’s Women’s Student Union is an organization whose purpose is to bring awareness on campus as well as in the surrounding community. They bring awareness to issues such as politics, economics, and social movements in society. They also host different programs including community service on the upliftment of all women.

Since COVID, it’s been hard for the organization to become active on campus but this semester they’re planning on making their comeback.

Jasmine Daniels, a health science pre-physical therapy major who also serves as the president for the academic school year, shares her experience thus far since joining.

“I was actually on the e-board in 2021 as community service chair. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do programs because of Covid,” Daniels said.

 “Because of it being inactive for so long Sheridan and I over this previous summer decided to bring it back on campus. Because we saw the great initiatives they did in the past and we as e-board see the potential not only for bringing back old events but transforming into something bigger.”

Women’s Student Union was founded on campus in Fall 2017. Since then they’ve hit the ground running with a multitude of events and community service ranging from a Sneauxball fundraiser with proceeds going to the Refuge House of Tallahassee to Bible studies.

These ladies are hoping to continue the tradition but with their own twist.

Toriona Coakes, a political science major who also serves as the event’s chair for the current academic school year, explains her role and information to find out about future events.

“In my role as events chair, I am responsible for curating events for The Women’s Student Union and ensuring effective coordination,” Coakes said.

“Our goal for this semester is to revive the organization’s presence on campus and re-establish a diverse community. As far as what we have planned, we have some exciting things in the works but I’ll keep the details under wraps for now. Follow the Women’s Student Union on Instagram @wsu_famu and stay tuned for updates!”

A common feeling among most of these members is inclusivity and having a safe space. Coming to college, it can be difficult to find genuine people to surround yourself with. Women’s Student Union is for all women looking for a space to be themselves and to connect with others just like them.

Melanie Joseph, a political science major who also serves as the vice president for the current academic school year, shares her main reason for joining the Women’s Student Union and running for e-board.

“I saw their post about an e-board position and I started researching their page,” Joseph said. “My mentor served an e-board position and I saw the events that she hosted and knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

As the semester continues, the Women’s Student Union will be preparing to open its doors to new members soon. Keep a lookout on their Instagram page, @wsu_famu for more.