Author: Kyndall Coleman | Staff writer


Vaping isn’t worth it

Vapes. We all have heard of them and maybe have even tried them. They can be very addicting and can cause people to constantly buy them.  With all of this said, vapes can also be really bad for your health. According to, nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain. […]


What will it take for HBCUs to be better funded?

Florida A&M University, Central State University, Clark Atlanta University, and many more public historically Black colleges and universities are on the list. These HBCUs have been sound for many years, but the question remains as to why they are funded less than the predominately white institutions in their states. According […]


Pollen is everywhere right now

How bad is allergy season this year? Many people are affected by allergies every year, and pollen has been the main issue.  According to, the most common culprits in Tallahassee are ragweed and sagebrush. These weeds thrive in the city’s humid climate and release pollen that can aggravate allergy […]


Coping with anxiety

Anxiety is surprisingly common among college students.  Most people deal with it on a day to day basis, and it can come in many forms, including social anxiety, PTSD, separation anxiety, OCD and more.  According to, 63% of college students in the United States have felt overwhelming anxiety, and […]


Lee Hall is university’s oldest building

Florida A&M University is blessed with a beautiful campus, and many buildings are part of the historically Black institution’s rich culture. Throughout the years, there have been buildings that have left their mark, per se, on FAMU’s culture. One of the oldest buildings on FAMU’s campus is Lee Hall. According […]


Tornes finds a home at SJGC

John Tornes came to FAMU’s School of Journalism & Graphic Communication last year with a long history of making a difference in the lives of countless students. Tornes was part of a military family, and having to move was a big part of his early years. “My father got assigned […]