Pollen is everywhere right now

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How bad is allergy season this year?

Many people are affected by allergies every year, and pollen has been the main issue. 

According to wyndly.com, the most common culprits in Tallahassee are ragweed and sagebrush. These weeds thrive in the city’s humid climate and release pollen that can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Pollen has been a big issue for years, and many people are affected by pollen allergies once the season comes around. Dylan Leferink, a third-year criminal justice student from Orlando, has dealt with pollen allergies for much of  his life. 

“The pollen has affected by making me sneeze a lot throughout the day,” Leferink said. 

According to allermi.com, spring allergies are often worst for people because pollen levels soar as trees, grasses and weeds all ramp up pollen production. Tree pollen season is at its highest in the spring. It also marks the beginning of weed and grass pollen season.

  Spring is usually the worst time for allergies. For students at Florida A&M University, there has been pollen around campus a lot, rather it be on cars or on buildings. 

“Pollen has made the campus environment harder for students to get where they need to go without sneezing and having red itchy eyes,” Leferink said. 

Allergies make it hard for people to live their daily lives. 

Tatiyanna Antoine, a third-year public relations major from Miami, provided information on what she does to cope with her allergies. 

“I take both AM and PM allergy medicines and they do help mildly but in reality, I need allergy shots,” Antoine said.

Tanya Tatum, the director of Student Health Services at FAMU, provided insight on how students can combat their allergies. “We do have a number  of prescription and over-the-counter medications that can be used to alleviate allergy symptoms,” Tatum said. 

Tallahassee is known as a “Tree City USA” because of all of the trees that surround Florida’s capital city. That, coupled with the weather, produces copious amounts of pollen that is easily spread throughout the city. 

According to aafa.org, approximately 81 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever), including 26% of adults and 19% of children. 

Allergies can affect anyone and at any time as well. When allergy season comes around, keep hand sanitizer and allergy medicine in the car or close by.