Author: Cyrena Allen | Staff writer


Our generation needed DeSantis to take a stand

Since early March, the coronavirus pandemic has left Americans looking to leaders for guidance and answers. Unfortunately, almost 200,000 Americans have died since the pandemic began. Studies have revealed about 677,000 positive cases and a little over 13,000 deaths just in Florida. A failure to meet the basic needs to […]


Review: Grub Burger Bar a winner

If you have been searching for a good burger in Tallahassee, search no more because this place has it all. Grub Burger Bar, located on Thomasville Road, has appetizers, salads, burgers and more. Although I was not greeted when I entered the restaurant, the food surely made up for it. […]


Bradford stays true to her roots

Applemania Bradford believes in giving back to her alma mater. Bradford recently handed out a $300 award from her FAMUForever scholarship program. The award was presented during homecoming weekend to student-athlete Symone Bango, a member of the cheerleading team. Bradford said she plans on continuing her legacy of giving back […]


Review: Room for improvement at bella bella

Does bella bella ring any bells?  Bella bella is an Italian restaurant located on Fifth Avenue just east of North Monroe Street. I have always had a love for pasta and Italian food – even before I was born. My mother literally consumed nothing but pasta all throughout her pregnancy […]