Alumna to host second clothing drive on campus

Iyana Williams at her first clothing drive.
Photo courtesy Iyana Williams

FAMU alumna  Iyana Williams is strking again.

Williams will be hosting her second clothing drive for FAMU students and the community later this month. Her  first clothing drive took place in spring, and she plans to have many more in the future.

“I’m trying to have one each semester to give the people that didn’t get a chance to come out last semester an opportunity, which I believe is a great way to connect with students each season,” Williams said.

Nikia Jefferson, a FAMU graduate, attended Williams’ first clothing drive.

“Being part of the real spill giveaway was amazing, and being able to see the faces of individuals as they received stylish clothes,,shoes and accessories made it all worth it,” she said. “We were able to provide food, refreshments, and music which made it feel like a party. I would highly encourage anyone to attend the event or donate.”

Naturally, Williams decided to start hosting more clothing drives because she has rarely seen them done.

“I looked in my closet one day and I wanted to give away some clothes but I thought instead of just giving it away to Goodwill, I’d rather give my closet  away to people who might actually wear my style of clothes like the freshmen on campus who may not have that many things to wear,” Williams said.

Williams will continue to hold the clothing drives on campus in the Grand Ballroom.

While the last clothing drive mainly had items catering to women and children with a few male items here and there, she plans to expand the drive beyond clothes. For example, Williams plans to have clothes for men, women, and children. She also plans to include clothes for the elderly, household items, different things for dorm rooms, kitchen supplies and much more for Tallahassee’s students and community.

“This drive is going to be a little different from the original drive because I have more men that are giving their clothes and we won’t have as many club clothes this time, but more so business and upscale attire. Also, we’re giving away  vanity mirrors dressers and stuff like that,” Williams said. “The goal is to give away a lot more clothes and household items for sure.”

The event is scheduled for 4-8 p.m. Oct. 25. Anyone willing to give should contact her via email or Instagram @_Iyanawilliams  before the event for drop off and pick up locations. Not only will there be food but there will also be raffle ticket giveaways, live music by DJ Pressure, and a chance to win a $50 award.