Review: The view is better than the food at The Edison

The pork chop entree at The Edison
Photo Submitted by Cyrena Allen

The Edison was edible; however, the view of Cascades Park was a bit more pleasing than the food. 

My mother was in town, so naturally we wanted to go somewhere with more class than your average restaurant. When I searched on Google, The Edison was listed as one of the top suggested restaurants to visit. As we entered the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by the host, who seated us. The waiter was very nice. If I had to rate customer service, it would be at almost a 10.

Even still, the customer service could not save this restaurant’s flavors. In order to get the full experience I had a full course meal including an appetizer, entree, dessert and wine. 

For starters, we each ordered an appetizer. With me being the Southern bell that I am, for my appetizer I ordered the fried green tomatoes with chipotle ranch ($7)  because it has always been my personal favorite. For our second appetizer, we decided on the Bradley’s arancini ($8) which was three fried risotto croquettes stuffed with Bradley’s sausage and fresh mozzarella, and served over roasted tomato sauce. Sounds good, right? Well, if you are into tomato sauce and cheese this appetizer would not disappoint. The croquettes were cooked golden brown with a nice crisp on the outside and a cheesy risotto filing on the inside. 

However, I was not a fan. I did not taste any sausage and there was an overwhelming amount of cheese and risotto. As for the fried green tomatoes, there could have been more seasoning. With every bite I would get that crispy and juicy consistency but that’s all. If it were seasoned more, maybe with a little salt, it would’ve had a better taste. 

As for the entrees, I ordered the Boot ranch pork chop, a 10-ounce sweet tea-brined and grilled chop with candied bacon jam and peach relish served over Gouda cheese grits with a side of asparagus. I was not a fan of the sweet tea brine flavor but the chop itself was tender and juicy. The Gouda cheese grits were not as creamy as I would’ve liked; they were a little grainy, but the asparagus was cooked to perfection and surprisingly seasoned well given the rest of my meal was not. 

Time for wine and dessert. I kept it simple for my dessert and ordered a slice of cheesecake with strawberry purée. The cheesecake was everything I expected, rich and moist with every bite with a nice crunch to the graham cracker bottom. For my drink I ordered a sangria with orange and lime garnishes, which was pleasing, it wasn’t too watery or too strong.

Overall, my meal totaled  about $38 plus tax for one appetizer, entree, dessert and wine. I probably won’t be returning again for dinner but I can honestly say it was not what I expected. It wasn’t terrible. If you’re interested in trying this restaurant I would encourage you to try the chicken because the chops aren’t the best.