Review: Grub Burger Bar a winner

Grub Burger Bar’s burger.
Photo by Cyrena Allen

If you have been searching for a good burger in Tallahassee, search no more because this place has it all. Grub Burger Bar, located on Thomasville Road, has appetizers, salads, burgers and more.

Although I was not greeted when I entered the restaurant, the food surely made up for it. For starters, I ordered the chips and queso along with the house made guacamole. The chips were pretty fresh and the queso was as creamy as I expected it to be with a little kick of spice. In order to get the full experience I decided to order something other than a burger. For my second starter, I  kept  it simple with a side salad ($5)  and ranch for my dressing. The salad was OK; the lettuce was a little brown, however, so I asked for them to remake my order and the second time around my salad appeared to be fresher with a crunchier bite.

Also, because I am a fan of spice, I really enjoyed the jalapeño ranch for my dressing. It paired well with my salad.

For my entree, I was totally overwhelmed with the different options of burgers. Ultimately, I decided on the Cadillac wagyu ($12), a burger made with premium wagyu beef cooked medium rare and stacked  with roasted garlic aioli, marinated tomato, arugula, Swiss cheese and french onion shavings.

The chocolate chip mint shake. Photo by Cyrena Allen

My first bite was very pleasing, the garlic aioli sauce paired really well with the wagyu beef. The French fried onions most definitely added a good texture to the burger considering that wagyu beef is a lot more tender than regular beef; rumor has it that in China they actually massage the cows before slaughtering them to ensure a more tender beef. Also, I thought that the arugula lettuce vs iceberg lettuce was a great pair for this burger because it also added a very different taste to the burger. The Swiss cheese gave this burger its own unique taste compared to any other because it’s not the standard American cheese that usually comes on a burger.

For dessert, I decided on the mint chocolate chip brownie shake ($5). The shake itself was pretty good. I enjoyed the bits and pieces of mint chocolate chip candies that were blended inside of the ice cream. Also, there was a generous amount of whipped cream, and for ice cream lovers like me, it simply can’t get any better. If you’re looking for a great burger place with good shakes, Grub Burger Bar is a great place.