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Are you familiar with burnout symptoms?

Mental health has become a major talking point on college campuses in recent years, and in 2017 the National College Health Assessment recorded that more than 30 percent of college students are affected by it. Burnout has been defined by David Ballard, of the American Psychological Association, as “An extended […]


How to adjust your hair for winter

Winter is coming, and that means silk press season and the season for protective styles. “It’s a perfect storm of bad conditions. Wind and harsh cold air suck moisture out of your hair, and cause tangles. But once you’re inside, the heated air is so dry, your office can be […]

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FAMU, FSU partner on ‘1619’ project

A collaboration between the Florida A&M University Black Archives Exhibition Research Center and Museum and the Florida State University Civil Rights Institute produced the “Remembrance of Slavery in America and Contributions of African Americans 100 Years Prior to 1619” program. Held in the Old Union Bank at the corner of […]


Jemele Hill hits a nerve

The always outspoken Jemele Hill hilariously sent closet racists into a frenzy following her expose “encouraging black athletes to stop subscribing to white schools” exploitation tactics. The “Unbothered” host and writer for The Atlantic published an article titled “It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges,” something actual HBCU […]


1619 Project illuminates, fascinates

As a part of general education at Florida A&M University, all students are required to take a course on African American history, where the topic of slavery is inevitably included in the curriculum. This year, 2019, marks the 400–year anniversary of the first slave ship from West Africa reaching what […]


Venom tracker off-track as semester starts

FAMU's Venom buses seat only 25. Photo Submitted by Olivia Abney The newly updated FAMU App finally made its debut with the long-anticipated Venom Express Tracker feature. What seems like forever ago to returning students, nearly one year after its initial conception, the shuttle tracking mobile app went live just […]