Who writes Rattler Nation? They’re not telling


Rattler Nation has become Florida A&M University’s most trusted non-affiliated source with both eyes in the sky and ears to the ground.

It maintains a very informative and detailed blog under the same name accompanied by the tagline “Ground Zero for Info on All Things FAMU,” in addition to a Twitter page with nearly 2,000 followers.

Under the pen names “Da Rattler” and “Big Rattler,” for the last 13 years, these two unknown individuals have successfully remained anonymous, while literally breaking all FAMU news so quickly that they beat out some of the university’s own media outlets.

In its inaugural post on Jan. 6, 2006, Rattler Nation introduced itself to the FAMU-sphere.

“As the sun sets on Florida A&M this evening, Rattler Nation has just completed its first day of publication. We will no doubt continue to file new stories and photos about our beloved FAMU. We welcome your views and comments. We’d also be interested in posting opinion pieces from Alumni about the current happenings at FAMU. Holla.”

With posts almost daily to some even several times a day, it is safe to assume that it is still run by at least the original duo, with extremely reliable ties to FAMU.

Hinting at its creators’ past by its mentions of sitting in Coleman Library and an instance of having a computer virus problem hilariously saying, “Everybody at FAMU needs a sophomore computer geek in their pocket. Thanks homie!”

In its conception, the blog was set as conversational and relatable as reflected in its posts, with its use of everyday humor and lingo.

Da Rattler posted, “Today we achieved 2,000 hits in less than three weeks. We are exceedingly grateful to all of you for helping Rattler Nation surpass even our wildest expectations. We’ve learned to celebrate each of our successes, however small, and to always say thank you. Grandma taught us a long time ago, that yes ma’am and yes sir will open more doors than a Ph.D. ever will. So, thank you our loyal readers. So, in a tip of the hat to JRE Lee III and his whack a$$ sloganeers who came up with this ‘Were Movin’ On Up!!’ theme for the 2003 football season, let the celebration begin!”

Looking back at its first posts, Rattler Nation can be attributed for pioneering student engagement on topics of historical and political importance, FAMU Twitter and its extensive use of reaction memes, an art form truly before its time.

Although not so much the conversationalist these days, it is understandable that the maturation of the blogger directly affects the tone of the blog.

Assumptions can be made on who is behind the site that has extended an entire generation of Rattlers, a possible J-School graduate by the apparent article writing skills or maybe a local with an intense commitment to the School of Love and Charity.

Rattler Nation has proven to be the university’s biggest cheerleader and equally as much its greatest critic, and FAMU can thank the publication for reporting all Rattler related information all the time, for the betterment of the institution.

Who is Rattler Nation? That’s one secret they’ll never tell, but many love them just the same.