Author: Junon Jean | Copy Editor


Ville to the Hill Book Scholarship

Photo credit: Marcera Bell   Incoming freshman coming to Florida A&M University from Jacksonville now have a new scholarship to look forward to. Marcera Bell, a sophomore business administration student, has created a book scholarship to aid the high school seniors from her hometown, Jacksonville, Fla., that may be struggling financially. […]


FAMU’s Urban Garden

Aneshia Gordon remembers back when the now beautiful garden was just grass. Photo credit: Junon Jean  Through the 2015 “Home Depot: Retool Your School,” Florida A&M University (FAMU) won $30 thousand to put towards equipment and supplies for the beautification of the university through the Eco-lab and garden. FAMU’s Urban […]


The unwavering love of military girlfriends

Airica Moore, girlfriend of Robert Hunter | Photo credit: Airica Moore In observance of Veterans Day on Nov. 11, many citizens honored military veterans that have served or currently serve in the Armed Forces. Jasmine Hunt, Isabelle Mars, and Airica Moore all share one thing in common, their significant others […]


Black People “Talking White”

Ebonics is a form of slang and a dialect of the English language that is also referred to as African American Vernacular English (AAVE) according to Ellen Fleurival | Photo credit: Ellen Fleurival  With the use of slang sometimes comes stereotypes, especially concerning black people. Code-switching is the practice […]


Interracial dating in 2017

Michel Eugene and his girlfriend | Photo credit: Mahogany Miles  2017 marks 50 years since the Loving vs. Virginia supreme court case in 1967, which banned laws against interracial marriage. The case included an African-American female, Mildred Jeter, and a caucasian male, Richard Loving, who got married in 1958 outside […]


Embracing ethnic names

Photo credit: Gbekeloluwa Omodara John, Scott, Mary, and Emily are all common names that can be given to children at birth. Yet names such as Gbekeloluwa, Khari Sekou, and Anyjah, are not names that may be familiar. These select few of students have managed to embrace their ethnic names and […]