Ville to the Hill Book Scholarship

Photo credit: Marcera Bell


Incoming freshman coming to Florida A&M University from Jacksonville now have a new scholarship to look forward to.

Marcera Bell, a sophomore business administration student, has created a book scholarship to aid the high school seniors from her hometown, Jacksonville, Fla., that may be struggling financially.

“I have always had a desire to give back to Jacksonville. Now that I am blessed to have an opportunity to come to college, I am grateful for the support I have received financially to make this all possible,” Bell said.

Bell’s original goal was to send 50 students from her hometown to FAMU with a $500 book scholarship.

Bell’s current goal is to give scholarships to as many students who apply, based on how much donations she has received through her gofundme account. Bell has currently raised $536.

When Bell was a college freshman at FAMU, she received a scholarship from the Jacksonville chapter of the National Alumni Association and a pell grant.

By sending students from Jacksonville to college with a book stipend, Bell believes that they will have the tools they need to succeed in a new setting such as college.

“Hopefully, they will use this money for the progression of their college education,” explained the Jacksonville native.

Bell plans to reinstate this scholarship every year.

During college, Bell plans on being more active with the Jacksonville club on campus so that the word can be spread more efficiently.

Bell plans on having a reception for the students that apply and the award recipients in Jacksonville. As Bell continues this scholarship year after year, she plans on using the help from the previous scholarship winners to help spread the word.

After her graduation in the spring of 2020, Bell plans to maintain a successful career within the business field.

Bell hopes for the support of her fellow FAMUly to donate and also spread the word of her newfound scholarship. In addition to that, Bell would like support from corporations such as small businesses, organizations, banks, and any other entity that would like to help out.

“It’s a blessing to be a blessing. When much is given, much is to be expected. Make sure you sow a positive seed into the community. If you want to donate, go on my gofundme link located on my instagram @villetothehill, my cashapp $CeraBell for ‘Ville to the Hill’ or for any questions, email,” said Bell.