FAMU’s Urban Garden

Aneshia Gordon remembers back when the now beautiful garden was just grass.
Photo credit: Junon Jean 

Through the 2015 “Home Depot: Retool Your School,” Florida A&M University (FAMU) won $30 thousand to put towards equipment and supplies for the beautification of the university through the Eco-lab and garden.

FAMU’s Urban Garden, also known as ‘The Hub,’ is located behind the Hansel E. Tookes Recreation Center, with operating hours every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

As told by Bakari McClendon, who is the campus and community engagement coordinator, the urban garden has already generated positive reviews. All students are welcomed, and can even utilize the garden after hours.

“It is really all about being that sustainable education and engagement destination,” McClendon said.

The Urban Garden does more than bring beauty to the campus. McClendon explained that the garden connects everyone to the natural environment surrounding FAMU’s campus.

“It is where the natural and social sciences meet, where the campus meets the community, and where students and faculty can engage in dialogue,” McClendon said.

For students to gain community service hours, they must come during the regular garden times.

Aneshia Gordon is a senior health science student, who is happy for noticing progress within the garden.

“It seems like they’ve been working on it forever, but I’m pretty sure when it is fully completed, students will enjoy sitting there and socializing after a workout or band practice, and some as they walk home,” Gordon said.

“I’m not really too fond of gardening, but through my roommates and some classmates, I know quite a few that do, and I know once the garden is done being built, there will be a great turnout,” Gordon continued.

Willie Hunt stopping by the garden as he leaves the gym.
Photo credit: Junon Jean 

Willie Hunt is a freshman physical therapy student who loves the location of the garden and said he notices the garden as he takes the Venom shuttle home every day.

“It seems as though everything extracurricular that is offered is so far away. I love how the garden is walking distance, and right by the gym so that after my workout, I can sit and wind down. I can’t wait until it is done,” Hunt said.

Students that are interested in being involved in FAMU’s Urban Garden are welcomed to stop by during the garden’s hours.

McClendon said that there is not a website yet, but it will be forthcoming in the spring. He also leaves a message to students that desire to be heavily involved.

“Do come prepared to sweat, and get your hands dirty. But I promise you’ll have a good time, you’ll have fun, and you’ll learn something,” McClendon said.