Author: Cordell Jones | Staff Writer


‘Cowboy Carter’: Beyoncé’s country

#8220;Cowboy Carter,” Act II in Beyoncé’s three-act album project, is a genre-bending journey through the world of country music in Beyoncé’s eyes. Taking a more personal and unique approach than the album’s predecessor, Renaissance, “Cowboy Carter” takes on a genre that often shuts out black voices and opens a door […]


Reality TV and Black love

There is a myriad of dating shows out to watch. Shows such as  Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, Perfect Match, and more help to showcase love in all its forms. However, one seems exempt from ever getting the same treatment on reality TV: black love.  Most times, reality […]


Fizz fizzling out?

Fizz is an app that was brought to Florida A&M’s campus at the beginning of the spring semester in 2023. It was made to help get the FAMU community together, but within the past year what was curated to be a positive campus resource has turned into a toxic platform. […]


Self-expression in college

Self-expression comes in various forms throughout college. Amongst the constant chaos of the college environment, students often wonder where they can find a release from the mundane.  By taking on specific activities and spanning a wide array of hobbies and interests, college students find different ways to express themselves. Being […]


For the love of pjs

Everyone has one goal for their perfect holiday season as the year ends. This goal, usually in plaid, Christmas characters, or the usual Christmas colors, encapsulates the season as a whole. As it has been the topic of much social media discourse, the goal is to wear matching PJs with […]


Having a healthy life balance

Finding a healthy school-life-work balance is sometimes hard to do. With assignments from professors, the need for social interaction on and off campus and taking care of your health can be challenging.  Students sometimes struggle to find a healthy middle between handling all three. However, some students have mastered a […]


Art and the artists

In recent news, Doja Cat has faced scrutiny for her actions online towards her fans, critiquing her fans’ para-social relationships with her, to her current rumored relationship with Jeffery Cyrus, who according to Rolling Stone, was accused of emotional abuse from his female followers. Add the massive social reaction to […]


Hurricane Idalia closure impacts students

With Hurricane Idalia crawling closer to Tallahassee and various other portions of north Florida, state schools are taking the necessary precautions to ensure all students are safe and at home during the storm’s expected arrival date. On Tuesday, August 29, FAMUINFO released a statement calling for the closure of Florida […]


Music as a form of therapy

Music serves multiple purposes in modern-day society. It can serve as the soundtrack to our lives,  help set the tone for anyone’s day and act as a “pick-me-up” to aid in reflection and solace. Additionally, it can serve as a form of escapism for people to find a sense of […]