Having a healthy life balance

Photo Courtesy: Picture from Affordable Colleges Online

Finding a healthy school-life-work balance is sometimes hard to do. With assignments from professors, the need for social interaction on and off campus and taking care of your health can be challenging.  Students sometimes struggle to find a healthy middle between handling all three. However, some students have mastered a healthy common ground with balancing all three. 

Jada Haywood, a graduating senior at Florida A&M University, discusses how students can improve their work-life-school balance. 

“Students can create a better work life balance by managing their time better,” said Haywood. “If we set out certain times to get our school work done then we could have the rest of the day to focus on living our lives.” 

This is true to so many students, not only on this campus but colleges all over. With better time management and allocation of tasks on a day to day basis, having balance can help us juggle everything that may occur on a school day. 

However, most students still have struggles when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance. Omaree Koonce, a FAMU senior, talks about the areas where he can improve on balancing everything. 

“I could do better with time management and go to bed earlier to wake up earlier.” Omaree states. 

This is the reality for so many because the majority of students don’t sleep as much as recommended. 

The Cornell Health article on this topic recommends students sleep for an average of eight to nine hours, whereas most students sleep mainly for six to six and a half hours. Sleep deprivation in college can lead to more stress and less academic success throughout the school term. 

Building up habits like setting time aside to gain more sleep per night and allowing your body to completely rest can help with academic performance. Also, getting a good nights rest gives you the energy to tackle whatever life brings. 

With these tips in mind as well as taking more time to plan out and map out balancing work-life-school balance, students can start the path towards better balancing their life. Furthermore, taking the time to balance and structure some parts of your life can help manage different aspects of your life better.