Two Rattlers create one record label

Blitz The Label C.E.O’s ( from left to right Christopher Lewis, Elijah Shingles and Jaylon Feacher). Photo courtesy: Jaylon Feacher

Blitz The Label is a recording company created by Jaylon Feacher and Christopher Lewis, two Florida A&M University students who found an escape in music.

Feacher and Lewis are from Jacksonville. Feacher is majoring in pre-occupational therapy and Lewis in bio pre-medicine.

They began making music to pass the time while dealing with external issues out of their control.

“With coming up to FAMU and trying to play football, it made me keep pushing because I couldn’t get into football,” Feacher said. “Being in the studio with my friends for the first time was a dope experience. It made me want to go to the studio every weekend, and I just fell in love.”

As Feacher and Lewis have continued to maneuver through college and evolve as musicians, they began to notice a significant issue in the music industry. They found many musicians near and far were being ripped off by record labels and decided that there needed to be a change. So they set out to do just that.

“Everything about a record label now and you want to have a rap career, or something of that nature is associated with being bad,” Lewis said. “You don’t ever hear any artist thanking labels. Artists like Megan Thee Stallion,  Rod Wave and everyone else are going through something. You can create your buzz with your label.”

“Having your label is, of course, a little bit harder, and being with a label, they’re going to back what you have going on as well as give promotion,” Feacher said. “Of course, not all labels are bad. You can find some that are good, but most of them you know you don’t hear anything good about. They’re in control. You can record 300 songs in a month, and none of them will drop if your label doesn’t approve it.”

They created a home-based studio to save money and help other local musicians who may not have anywhere or money to record. This gives them total control over the sound and projects that they release.

Their home-based studio allows for both men to pick up and take their studios with them wherever at their convenience.

“We started recording in our living room, and we got some noise complaints, so we got separate equipment to record in our rooms,” Lewis said. “I dropped my entire stimulus check on my equipment because it’s going to last for 30 years.”

“I was very strategic about what I wanted my sound to be like. I know I don’t have a lot, but I can still make it sound good,” Feacher said. “Your equipment does matter, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what you do in the booth that matters.”

Feacher and Lewis established Blitz The Label to help each other and other musicians reach their fullest potential as individuals. They have artists from Duval County to Leon County who have contributed to their label and made it what it is today. Their music and artists can be found on Apple Music and Spotify at BLITZ. They can also be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter @blitzthelabel. Feacher’s and Lewis’ personal Instagram accounts are @jay.boogiie @only1smoosh.

“No matter what route this goes, I know I’m gonna channel it back to the music because, at that point, you can make money from your hobby,” Lewis said. “I like helping people, and if I don’t do that, I’ll fold, but at the end of the day, my money is going towards my music.”