Female barbers cashing in

Inside of She Fade It barbershop. Photo courtesy: OTW Mobile Detailing LLC

She Fade It barbershop, a women-owned and run shop, is making waves.

Also known as the celebrity barbershop,She Fade It has received so much attention as big name music artists such as Nardo Wick, Bossman DLow, Luh Tyler, and YTB Fatt have often stopped by for cuts.

Their services can range from roughly $25 to over $150. Many clients often pay an extra $100 to secure the chair.

On an average, this powerhouse of barbers brings in over 70 clients a day, leaving them with high quality cuts and styles.

The owner, Jasmine Marshall, a barber from New Jersey, opened the shop in October 2022. She started out with an all-women staff and after some time, she opened the door for male barbers to join the team. Currently, she has six women employees; three stylists and three barbers. Additionally, a woman tattoo artist showcases her work in their one-stop shop.

Marshall describes the reaction that followed her opening the shop and how intersectionality played a part.

I actually get more pats on the back than anything. I just basically took the risk. I know most people are used to like, Caucasian women opening up shops. I think its more shocking now that its a Black woman that opened up a barbershop, but not only a Black woman that has opened, but a Black woman thats dominating the game,Marshallsaid.

When asked what statement she was trying to make opening with a team of all women barbers, she answered:I had a point to prove. Im all for the females winning. I just got tired of the women being silent and basically sitting sideline to the men in the industry. Its time for us to make our mark. Its time for men and everyone else in this industry to respect us. Its always the men getting rewarded in the industry; like opening up shops, cutting all the celebrities, etc. So thats why I go so hard every day just to prove a point; like, were here to stay, she said.

One of her heavy-hitting barbers, Katelyn Gordon, aka KG on the Blade, shares insight on being a woman barber in a male-dominated industry.  She has been cutting hair for seven years, and she reminisced on what it was like early on in her career.

Were not really respected like the male barbers. People would come in and theyll see you, and go to the guy; and the guy could be straight out of school. They don’t tend to look at us like real barbers,”  Gordon said.

Creating space for women barbers is essential to redefining what new age barbers look like. She emphasizes that putting themselves out there as women barbers is helping break barriers within the industry.

Marshall and Gordon share what women barbers bring to the chair that male barbers dont. They explain that due to women being more socially accustomed to grooming and self-care, that same nature is demonstrated in their services.

In my opinion, I feel like female barbers care more. We care more about the overall appearance over the money. Well at least I do. We take our time with the cut,Marshall said. A lot of men, theyre just like, Let me cut you and just get you out the chair. As a female, we really take our time. We care about how the man look; smell. Really, that cut to me, is going to really determine your next move.

Gordon added: Us women barbers are more attentive. We pay attention to detail. We want to take care of the people in our chairs.

She says customers have expressed why a woman barber might be preferred over a male barber.

Ive had a lot of customers say it was their first time having a woman barber and it was the best experience. So, I just like to be more attentive to my clients and make sure theyre getting the best experience possible,Gordonsaid.

Brian Pascal, one of Marshalls long-time clients, said why he chooses She Fade It over any other shop in town.

First, the vibes; the hospitality that I receive here. Everybodys cool; the environment; how the shop looks; and of course the cuts; you know those fye. Every single barber here is fly too. Like, if Jasmine isnt here I can go to Kae; I can go to anybody. I can get my hair braided; I can get a tattoo. I can vibe; I can play the play station. Its just like a vibe spot,Pascal said.

Pascal believes She Fade It will affect the community and impact how the public views women barbers.

I feel like women barbers would be more exposed and more out there. Therell be more people more comfortable going to women barbers. Because I don’t really see many women barbers at all, I think theres like a few in Houston. So I feel like more women will come forward; instead of just doing hair, now women will be cutting too. So, I feel like itll if anything,  strengthen the women community to do more. And men will be more comfortable coming to women [barbers] because of She Fade It,he said.

She Fade It is located at 2033 West Pensacola St. To book an appointment at She Fade It, you can visit https://she-fade-it-barbershop-llc.square.site/. For more information about the shop, you can check out their Instagram page @she_fadeit or email the owner at marshalljb22@gmail.com.