DeNajah Johnson’s world is coming up roses

Photo of DeNajah Johnson courtesy: Johnson

DeNajah Johnson, the proud owner of a local rose bouquet business, has been spreading joy and love through her hand-crafted floral arrangements. Her business, Najah’s Floral Arrangements, specializes in creating exquisite rose bouquets that convey love and joy for various occasions.

Johnson’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship began with a simple desire to share her love for flowers with others.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and symbolism of flowers; starting my own business felt like the perfect way to showcase that passion,” Johnson said.

While Johnson doesn’t personally grow the roses she sells, she ensures they are sourced locally, supporting her community’s growers and ensuring the freshest flowers for her customers. This commitment to quality and locality adds a special touch to each arrangement that she creates.

With a focus on rose bouquets, Johnson’s business caters to a wide range of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, but during Valentine’s Day, she’s especially busy.

“Valentine’s Day is our busiest time of the year for my business, and I love every bit of being a part of such a special moment,” Johnson said.

Her dedication to her craft doesn’t end with Valentine’s Day. She keeps her doors open year-round, ensuring that customers can always find the perfect bouquet for any occasion, and she treats every day as an opportunity to bring a little bit of joy into someone’s life.

When January brings freezing temperatures to Tallahassee, Johnson doesn’t let the cold weather deter her spirit. She takes proactive measures to protect her floral inventory and finds creative ways to continue spreading happiness with her bouquets.

Johnson takes an active part in community events as well, lending her skills and time to support neighborhood nonprofits and fundraising efforts. Johnson’s dedication to creating a positive impact is incredibly encouraging, whether it’s by surprising someone with a bouquet or offering assistance to people in need.

Her mother, Latonya Johnson, supports Johnson every step of the way. With each bouquet Johnson creates, Latonya sees not just a product but a reflection of her daughter’s creativity and hard work.

“I couldn’t be prouder of DeNajah and everything that she’s accomplished. She’s always had a strong work ethic and a heart full of passion, and it’s been incredible to watch her turn her dreams into reality,” Johnson’s mother said.

It’s not just the family who recognizes Johnson’s talent. Happy customers rave about the quality of her bouquets and the personalized touch that she has with each arrangement.

“DeNajah’s attention to detail and creativity truly set her apart, and I can tell that she takes the time to make sure that every bouquet she makes is perfect,” Janelle Cotton, a happy customer, said.

Johnson is a great example of imagination and perseverance. She takes on difficulties with poise, transforming them into chances for development and creativity. Johnson always remembers that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance as she continues to pursue her dreams.

As Johnson nurtures her business and spreads happiness through her floral creations, she remains committed to her vision of making the world a more beautiful place, one bouquet at a time.