FAMU grad giving back to his community

Iman Sandifer, founder of Manhood on the Go, mentored his first set of students in Oakland, California at The Head Royce School in 2014.
Photo Courtesy of MOTG.

Iman Sandifer, a two-time Florida A&M University graduate, has created a program that positively affects his childhood community and FAMU. He makes this happen through his non-profit Manhood on the Go.

The idea of Manhood on the Go came about from a conversation about his life with his fraternity brother, Derric Hetk. Sandifer was raised by a great aunt and mother. He feels that he had to learn about manhood during his matriculation through Florida A&M University.

“I was talking to [Derric], and I told him about my life story. I told him it was like I had to learn about manhood on the go,” said Sandifer. “It was that exact moment I needed to take this idea seriously. I did not understand anything about creating an organization, but I wanted to help our young kids with self”.

According to manhoodonthego.org, the purpose of the non-profit is to commit to tackling the excellence of young men in under-resourced communities throughout the United States.

Manhood on the Go was started on Florida A&M’s campus in 2014. He partnered with Brian Morrison, a FAMU graduate, who helped with his first speaking engagement at the school where he was teaching in Jacksonville.

After earning a master’s at FAMU, Sandifer decided to start Manhood On the GO as a non-profit in March 2017.

He envisioned starting a program in his hometown of Hallandale Beach in Miami-Dade County. He created a youth academy to teach kids the skills to be a productive male in today’s society. He collaborated with Hallandale Beach Parks and Recreations Department to start the non- profit.

Hallandale Beach Parks and Recreations Department was impressed by his program and decided to fund and implement his program into its Park Teen Zone.  

Youth Academy has influenced the lives of 25 young males of Hallandale Beach.

Kirk Murphy, a first-year MBA candidate, says that his internship with the Manhood on the Go foundation has helped him build his networking opportunities and professional skill sets.

“[Iman] has provided me with networking events and internship opportunity,” said Murphy. “I served as the community relations and services intern for Manhood on the Go. Through my time working with [Iman], he has instilled amazing professional skills that I use now,” said Murphy.

After seeing his nonprofit make a difference in his local community, Sandifer decided to bring Manhood on the Go to FAMU for homecoming. Along with some of his college friends, they gave out two $500 scholarships.

Rakeem Ford, 47th Senate president, says he enjoys seeing alumni of FAMU giving back to FAMU to increase the graduation rate.

“I think of the biggest challenges for students is money issues,” said Ford. “I think this is a perfect two-fold purpose. It helps the university assist students with financial troubles, and it helps the student to make sure he or she graduates on time.”

Manhood on the Go will present 30 scholarships totaling more than $15,000 at the Young Alumni Giving brunch at homecoming.

For more information on Manhood on the Go visit the website at https://www.manhoodonthego.org