Board of Governors Recommends New BOT Appointees

Courtesy of Khadijah Johnson

The Board of Governors Nomination and Governance Committee voted unanimously yesterday to recommend two appointments to the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees: Thomas Dortch and Craig Reed.

Committee Chairman Moretza “Mori” Hosseini assigned members to subcommittees, where each member independently vetted applicants. Selected applicants were then advanced to a short list, and recommendations were reviewed and considered by the full committee.

“This is an extremely important function that we have as a board, given the significant oversight responsibilities a trustee has to his or her university,” Hosseini said.

Norman Tripp, chairman of Academic and Student Affairs, detailed the credentials of both Reed and Dortch, and added the uniqueness of FAMU’s selection process.

“FAMU had number of applicants, probably the most applicants for trustee positions of any of the universities; (they were) excellent applicants,” Tripp said.

Craig Reed, FAMU alumnus, received his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1994, and his masters of business administration from Arizona State University in 2001. He also serves on several boards, and is the executive director of sourcing and logistics for DuPont USA.

Thomas Dortch also serves on several boards, including the Board of Visitors for FAMU School of Business and Industry. He was also the Chairman Emeritus of 100 Black Men of America Inc. Dortch received his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and pre-professional social work from Fort  Valley State University in 1972, and his Master of Arts degree in criminal justice administration from Clark Atlanta in 1986

The two appointees will replace Karl White, who's served two terms and Spurgeon McWilliams, who resigned following two failed attempts to vote FAMU President Elmira Mangum out of office.

Mangum, who took the position in April 2014, was nearly fired in October during an emergency board meeting called to address allegations of unauthorized spending and state money given out to new hires in the form of bonuses. The final vote failed 6-6.

The committee took no action on current Chairman Cleve Warren, who remains on the Board.

Lt. Col Gregory Clark, president of the National Alumni Association, strongly supported Dortch. He believes his leadership abilities from 100 Black Men of America will translate well into his position on the Board.

"I think he has the leadership qualities that are needed. 100 Black Men is a very strong organization and does a lot of work with mentorship; it's geared to student business. I think that he can bring a lot,” Clark said.

Clark also spoke on the necessity of a progressive board.

“I certainly want people that are going to help shape policy and move the university forward, and if they're going to come on board and do that, they've got my full support,” he added.

The recommendations will be voted on during full board meeting this afternoon.