20 Questions

1) Were you scared of last week’s bomb threat?

2) What are your plans for Veteran’s day on Wednesday?

3) Did you show school pride this week by attending the volleyball game?

4) Our final football home game, how did you like it? We won.

5) Did you see Tina Knowles’ new clothing line? Will you be wearing it, “Miss. Tina?”

6) What did you think of the opening men and women basketball games? Will you show your support this season?

7) Did Trey Songz’ new video leave you speechless?

8) Have you seen the “Why Did I Get Married Too” movie trailer?

9) Did you “Meet the Greeks” last Thursday night?

10) How did you celebrate the last home football game?

11) How did your process go with registration for the spring semester?

12) Did you see Mariah Carey’s interview on Larry King Live?

13) Why is Rihanna so interested in speaking out now that Chris Brown is about to release his album?

14) Aren’t you glad VIBE is coming back?

15) Are you going to get the flu shot this fall?

16) Were you one of the millions of people that did not have phone service last week?

17) Will Ugg boots ever go out of style?

18) Are you tired of Tallahassee’s unpredictable weather?

19) Didn’t this semester quickly fly by? Have you started your Christmas list?

20) Are you following @TheFamuan on Twitter yet?

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