Big Business

Anyone who has seen the Lady Rattlers in action can see how aggressive the women’s basketball team can play.

Coming from last season with a conference record of seven wins and one loss, the Lady Rattlers are already striking again in this year with six wins out of seven games.

With successful seasons like these, it is easy to see that the team’s victories are not based on coincidence, but instead on dedication and ambition shown both on and off the court.

One player in particular who has helped to make a difference is Q’Vaunda Curry.

Averaging 12.2 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 1.76 assists per game clearly establishes Curry as an integral part of the team. The team captain, starting shooting guard, and number 20 are just three ways to describe Curry when she’s on the court. Off the court Curry describes herself as “laid back, a clowner and a daddy’s girl.”

Born and raised in Quincy, Fla., Curry is a newly declared Business Administration student who decided to change things up after finishing two years in FAMU’s school of pharmacy.

“I did some soul searching, and I took an inventory of myself. That’s when I realized the school of business was for me,” Curry said.

As a result, you can find this Business Administration student in such organizations as the Network of Our Own, and the N.C.A.P. Student Athletic Committee, where she serves as Vice President.

In addition to participating in several extracurricular activities, Curry maintains a 3.45 GPA. After graduating high school, she arrived at Florida A&M with both academic and athletic scholarship awards.

Coach Clark, the women’s’ basketball coach said, “she’s the perfect example of a student athlete. She keeps her grades up and she has the respect of her coaches teammates.”

When it comes to basketball, this East Gadsden high school alumni stated, “hooping is what I do.” However, Curry stated her number one priority is earning her degree.

With her array of achievements, such as receiving the MEAC Player of the Week honor in both ’06 and ’07 in addition to graduating high school as the Salutatorian and Student Body President, Coaches say Curry has a bright future. “Q’Vanda is going to go far in life,” Coach Carter said of her star shooting guard.

Fellow pharmacy student and long friend Tamara Clark describes Curry as a unique individual.

“She strives to be the best, and whatever she pursues she’s going to dominate it in her own unique way. She does what makes her happy,” Clark said. And this Daddy’s girl is most happy when she’s with family. Whether it’s spending time with her older brother, teaching her younger brother some new tricks on the court, or just having girl-talk with her mom, Curry knows the importance of spending time with loved ones.

“At home I just like to be cool with everybody and keep people laughing, especially big mama and my little cousins.” As the oldest grandchild, Curry proudly takes on the responsibilities of being a role model to those younger than her in her family. Curry says she has followed in the footsteps of one of her biggest role models, Michelle Taylor, her mother. “My mom is my heart, and I value everything she tells me. She’s an alumnus of FAM and she’s very supportive of me. We’re good friends.”

With regards to her father, Curry said, “He’s really smart.. I’ve learned a lot from him.”

This Rattler stated that she gets a lot of her motivation for excellence from her father. “He always told me never give yourself the chance to say I should have.” Going on his advice, Curry has already hit the ground running in academics and athletics.

Curry is actively working toward her aspirations of pharmaceutical sales marketing.

Of her decision to change majors, Curry is taking it in stride. Curry states,” I live for no regrets.”